Hugtto! PreCure Episode 11: Face Forwards and Keep Pushing

Last time, things took a dramatic turn in Hugtto! PreCure. Hana blames herself for what happened, and as such she starts to have doubts about the whole PreCure thing. Let’s take a look at episode 11 and see what Hana decides to do.

Hana & Hugtan

Hugtan is unconscious after the events of the previous episode

In episode 10, Hugtan used up all of her asu-power to protect Hana, who was unable to transform into Cure Yell due to having doubts about her abilities. Of course, this is an upsetting time for all involved, but Hana is taking it hardest.
She even says that she will no longer be PreCure – someone else who is able to protect Hugtan should fill that role.

Hana hugs her Mum

Hana is comforted by her Mum

Hana talks with her Mum during the night, saying how that she has nothing compared to Saaya and Homare. Hana’s Mum tells her that she brought a lot of joy to the family when she was born, and encourages her daughter to face forward and keep pushing. She is certain that there will be a bright future ahead of her if she does that.

Homare, Hana and Saaya

Homare and Saaya support Hana as well

The next morning, Hana discovers her friends waiting for her outside of the school. Saaya lists of Hana’s best points, and Homare offers her a hug.
Elsewhere, Harry watches over Hugtan. The Mirai Pad suddenly glows. When everyone gathers, they see that it is showing an image of Nobinobi Tower – they all decide to go there, as it may hold a clue to making Hugtan better.

Hugtan wakes

Hugtan wakes up

Following a group hug, Hugtan reawakens. She’s hungry after being unconscious for a while, so Hana goes to get some milk for her. As she does, she encounters a certain mysterious man she has met once before.
The monster of the week also shows up, though this one is different from the usual Oshimaidaa.

Monster of the Week

Charaleet was turned into an Oshimaidaa

Of course, that is the cue for PreCure to show up, but Hana still has some lingering doubts after she was unable to transform last time. However, Homare and Saaya are there to offer her encouragement, and Hana is able to transform.

Cure Yell returns

Cure Yell returns

PreCure fight Charaleet, and are watched by several familiar faces. Their opponent proves to be a tough foe, but PreCure remain determined to defeat him. As the battle goes on, Kotori and Emiru happen to be nearby. They almost get crushed by a huge chunk of building, but Yell saves them.

Yell saves Emiru and Kotori

Cure Yell tells Emiru and Kotori to run, whilst she will stay behind to fight

Yell jumps into the air, and smashes Charaleet with the building. After that, she cheers for everyone and herself, and finally awakens her new Mirai Crystal.

Sword of the PreCure

The Mirai Crystal tranforms into the Sword of PreCure

With the Sword of PreCure in hand, Hana leaps straight at Charaleet. As she goes to strike, she has a vision of Charaleet’s human self. She stops her attack, declaring that that is not the kind of PreCure she wants to be.
Charaleet shrinks down to human size, and Yell hugs him. She says that there are times that she gives up as well – but she’ll just hug those feelings and hold them close.

New Power

The Sword of PreCure transforms into a more typical PreCure weapon

Seemingly responding to Yell’s feelings, the Sword of PreCure transforms into something that fits more with the kind of PreCure that Yell wants to be. Cure Yell gets the Yell Takt, Cure Ange has the Ange Harp and Cure Etoile gets the Etoile Flute.
PreCure use these new items to unleash their new finishing attack: the PreCure Trinity Concert.


Hugtan calls Hana ‘Mama’

With the battle won, we end on a happy note. Hugtan is awake once more, and she is calling Hana ‘Mama’.

I feel pretty confident in saying that this episode was the strongest one of Hugtto! PreCure so far.
Hana talking to her Mum about her doubts was a very good scene, and her friends being there for her was something I consider to be the very essence of PreCure.

I’ll admit I’m a little disappointed that Cure Yell decided against using the Sword of PreCure. Perhaps it might make a return in the future though – maybe the girls will face a foe that will force them to be the kind of PreCure that Cure Yell rejected in this episode.
But that’s just wishful thinking for now. Guess I’ll just stick with Cutie Honey Universe for a magical girl wielding a sword.
However, PreCure did get a new power-up in this episode, and their finishing attack, the PreCure Trinity Concert, looked spectacular.

We’re getting episodes with a more serious tone fairly early on with Hugtto! PreCure – hopefully that means that there will be more throughout the rest of the season, as they have been the strongest one so far.

Next time, the girls have a pyjama party.

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4 Responses to Hugtto! PreCure Episode 11: Face Forwards and Keep Pushing

  1. cirno9fan says:

    I’m happy she didn’t go with the sword. It really would be out of character for her to use a sword. It’s important for her to be the sort of Precure that is true to herself, amidst this world that encourages crushing others for your own gain. It’s a truer symbol of hope than a sword, and it attacks the root of the problem, rather than just “destroying” it. A bit hard to explain. It would be neat to have precure using actual weapons in one of the seasons, but this one is all about encouraging others, so a sword would really not have fit.

    it was a fantastic scene with her mom ~

    I will say this: This Precure really feels way more like the “15th anniversary” precure than KKP did. You can feel influences from all the precure over the years, and you can really see how the team has learned from past mistakes.

    Let us just hope this can keep up throughout!

    • cirno9fan says:

      was I remembering things wrong? Maybe this IS the 15th anniversary precure? If so, it’s the first time I’ve sen an anniversary actually go well fro a Japanese show/game

      • Rory says:

        Yeah, this is the 15th anniversary PreCure, and it certainly has been a good one so far.
        If the show keeps this up for its entire run, then I feel pretty confident it will end up being one of the stronger seasons of the franchise.

      • cirno9fan says:

        Well, I mean, I see things from all the precure. Like, the instruments, we got a nice throwback to suite with that. The different outfits is a nice throwback to Happicha. And I could name more and more.

        They’re doing right with this so far. But yeah, second half is where things tend to spiral if they’re going to.

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