Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online Episodes 1 & 2: Pink Devil

I did say before that I may cover Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online. The first episode didn’t really have a lot going on, but things picked up with the second episode. I particularly want to cover this anime as it is being produced by 3Hz, the same studio who brought us two of my favourite anime shows of recent years: FLIP FLAPPERS and Princess Principal.
Now, let’s meet our main characters.

LLEN and M

LLEN and M

Episode 1 introduced the characters of LLEN and M, showing them participating in a Squad Jam battle. It had some decent action, but that was about all there was going for the first episode.

Karen Kohiruimaki

Karen Kohiruimaki – this is LLEN’s appearance in the real world

Karen is a university student, who also happens to have a complex about her height. Upon hearing about the VR headset known as AmuSphere, Karen becomes interested in it. She ends up going through several games, but all of them give her an avatar that is tall.

Alien avatar

One of many avatars that Karen rejects

It takes her almost 40 attempts, but soon enough Karen gets herself an avatar that she actually likes.

Cute girl

Cute girl avatar

Karen’s – or I guess that should be LLEN when she is in the game – happy dance is incredibly adorable. She happily runs off, but quickly realises she doesn’t know what game she is actually in. LLEN enters the tutorial.

Tutorial lady

This lass puts LLEN through her paces for the tutorial

The game that LLEN has ended up in is Gun Gale Online. She is taught how to use a gun, and about the different types available. LLEN discovers that the best weapon for her are submachine guns.

Pink Devil

The Pink Devil herself, LLEN

LLEN spends some time playing Gun Gale Online, mostly hunting monsters. She even changes the colour of her clothes and guns to pink, simply because that’s cute.
Turns out the pink works well as camouflage in the desert area, and LLEN soon develops a taste for PKing – this earns her the nickname of ‘Pink Devil’.
LLEN kills a lot of other players, but there is one who is ready for her.



LLEN meets another female player who goes by the name of Pitohui – or just Pito for short.

LLEN and Pitohui

Pitohui suggests that she and LLEN become friends

LLEN and Pito hit it off, and the two go into town to grab something to drink together. With Pito sick of playing with sleazy guys, she decides to team up with LLEN. The pair go shopping, and that is when LLEN buys her signature weapon: a P90 that she names P-chan.
LLEN tries to get to know a little more about what Pitohui is like in real life, but Pitohui isn’t exactly forthcoming with that information.

Pito's suggestion

Pito has a suggestion

Pito does suggest something though; she and LLEN will eventually face each other in battle. If LLEN wins, then they will meet up offline in the real world. LLEN seems a little hesitant at first, but she soon accepts the idea.
The episode ends with Pito asking LLEN about Squad Jam.

The second episode of Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online is where the story actually begins. There isn’t a whole lot to talk about from episode 1, so I’ll mostly be focus on episode 2 here.

I like LLEN a lot; she’s a fun character. I knew I already liked her from the first episode, but I feel we got a better idea of her personality in the second.
Pitohui seems quite interesting as well – I’m looking forward to seeing her display her skills in the future.

Probably won’t have to wait long for that, what with Squad Jam.

I have watched the first half of the first season of Sword Art Online, and I just couldn’t get into it. Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online, however, definitely seems like something that is right up my street.

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