Gal*Gun 2 Free Hugs Edition Unboxing

Time for another unboxing post, and this time it is for Gal*Gun 2 Free Hugs Edition.
As per usual, this will feature photos of the items included – though this time around I have a new phone, so the camera quality may vary somewhat from previous unboxing posts.
Without further ado, I present the unboxing of Gal*Gun 2 Free Hugs Edition.


Here’s the box that contains (almost) everything

We’ll start with the collector’s box, which has artwork on the front as you would expect. The rest of the box is a bit plain, though – it just has the background colour scheme. The back does have the title, and ‘Welcome to Pantsu Paradise’ written on it as well.
All the extra items were bundled into the box, though that left no room for the game itself. Not that I mind; I keep my Switch games piled together, and my various Limited and Collector’s Editions boxes elsewhere.


The game’s case

As you can see, I got the Nintendo Switch version of the game – it is available on PS4 as well. Nothing much going on inside the case, and apparently I skipped out on taking a picture of the back. There’s a few screenshots and art of Chiru Kondo on the back, together with all the usual small print.

Now, I’ll go through the stuff that was actually contained within the box. I’ll go through it in the order I pulled stuff out.

Next is a double-sided “gaming accessories pouch”. Those quotation marks are there in the official product desciption. It also encourages you to put “whatever you want” inside – you know, like a Switch, or a DualShock 4. The character featured on the pouch is Arisu the Angel. For those curious the measurements of the pouch are 28x16cm.


Mr. Happiness plushie

Also included is a Mr. Happiness plushie. It is exactly as you see above; I don’t really have anything more to say about it.


Badge set

You will also find a set of six badges, featuring Gal*Gun 2 art. Not really too much to say about these, either. They are badges, they do what you would expect badges to do.


The Gal*Gun 2 official soundtrack

Like with so many Collector’s/Limited Editions before it, Gal*Gun 2 comes with an official soundtrack. There are a total of 41 tracks.


Inside the CD case, you’ll find the tracklist on the left and the CD itself on the right

Seeing that they’ve used the same artwork of Arisu for the CD as the front cover is a little disappointing, but there are some other pieces of art that have been used as well.


You’ll find artwork of Chiru under the CD


You’ll also find this if you slip out the front cover and unfold it

That’s the soundtrack CD covered, now it is time for the final item. This is another one that is fairly common with Collector’s/Limited Editions: the art book.


Gal*Gun 2 official art book

As you might expect, the art book contains art for Gal*Gun 2. It has in-game illustrations, promotional artwork, concept art and character art. I’ll show you a couple of the pages.IMG_20180412_095004IMG_20180412_095029

That is everything you get in the Gal*Gun 2 Free Hugs Edition. There is some neat stuff contained within.

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