Spring 2018 Anime: First Impressions

Well, here we are then. A new season of anime, which means it must be time for a new First Impressions post.
My first impressions will have been written after viewing the first episode of each show I have chosen to watch this season, as is usually the case.

Since we have started the second week of the season, I figured I should get this post out. There are still a few shows I’m waiting on, but I’ll either cover them in a second post or just share my thoughts on Twitter.
Without much more to add here, let’s take a look at my impressions of the beginning of the spring 2018 season of anime.

Umamusume: Pretty DerbyUmamusume Pretty DerbyAside from the trainer’s introduction, I really quite enjoyed the first episode of Umamusume: Pretty Derby. It’s an idol show with horse girls, effectively – so whilst we do get the odd performances, the main focus here is on the races. The races are fun to watch, and I like lead character Special Week.

Love To-LIE-Angle
Love To-LIE-AngleI’ll pretty much echo the sentiments of everyone else who enjoyed this: far too short.
Still, the first episode did manage to squeeze in a fairly impressive number of harem cliches in the short run time it had. Usually, I’d avoid harem anime, but this one is somewhat different: it’s a yuri harem.

Comic Girls
Comic GirlsOnly one episode in, and I’m loving this show already. It had me laughing a fair bit, and the cast of characters is just great. I can already tell that this one will be a favourite of mine for this season.

Lostorage conflated WIXOSSLostorage conflated WIXOSSThe card game filled with despair returns, and so do some familiar faces. It seems that Selectors are being gathered to try and bring an end to the Selector battles once and for all, but I bet it won’t be an easy task.
Just don’t expect them to ever properly explain the rules of WIXOSS…

Magical Girl SiteMagical Girl Aya
My most anticipated show of this season, and it has proven to be a relatively faithful adaptation of the manga. That’s all I really needed to be satisfied with it, and it delivered. I’m covering this show weekly, and you can find more detailed thoughts on the first episode by clicking here.

My Hero Academia Season 3My Hero Academia 3My Hero Academia returns for a 3rd season, and it kicks off with a recap episode. Hmm. I get that it has been a while since the previous season, but I don’t think the recap was necessary. It did throw in some antics at a swimming pool as well.
Still, My Hero Academia has proven to be pretty good before, and I reckon that will continue once it gets into the story proper – which I imagine will be next episode.

Amanchu! ~Advance~Amanchu! AdvanceThe return of Pikari and Teko is very much welcome indeed. This show put a smile on my face almost immediately, and it pretty much remained there throughout the entire first episode.

Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale OnlineSword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale OnlineThe first episode didn’t really have a lot. It showed us lead character LLEN and her ally M participating in a game, which did lend itself to some entertaining action sequences. I like LLEN from what I have seen of her so far, as well.

Aikatsu Friends!Aikatsu Friends!Being a PreCure fan, it was always going to be very likely that I would like the Aikatsu franchise as well. After having watched the first episode of Aikatsu Friends!, that is proving to be true.
This first episode introduced Aine and Mio, who will be the leading ladies. I like both characters, and their interactions were a lot of fun too. There was some impressive visuals as well – for example, the changing room scene. That looked like something straight out of Final Fantasy.

Cutie Honey UniverseCutie Honey UniverseI’d heard of Cutie Honey before this, but I’ve never actually experienced anything from the franchise until now. As such, I didn’t really know what to expect coming into this.
There may have been gratuitous fanservice, but I also enjoyed what else this first episode offered. Hey, the fanservice wasn’t all bad, either…
Rainbows are straighter than the first episode, too… though whether that was just fanservice to hook certain viewers or a hint of what is in Honey’s future remains to be seen.

Crossing TimeCrossing TimeThis is a series of shorts about conversations that girls have whilst waiting at a railroad crossing. Since the episodes are around three and a half minutes long each, I’ll be watching this one. The first episode definitely piqued my interest, though I don’t expect them all to follow the same suit.
Whilst Love To-LIE-Angle feels too short, the three and a half minute run time here works quite well with the concept.

There’s certainly some interesting stuff going on this season. Going by first episodes alone, my top picks for this season are Magical Girl Site, Amanchu! ~Advance~ and Comic Girls. One of those is not quite like the others…

I have also checked out the first episode of Layton Mystery Detective Agency, and it seems to be an all right kids’ show. I’d probably feel more inclined to watch it if it was picked up by the likes of Crunchyroll or HIDIVE. For now, though, I’ll just be content with having played Layton’s Mystery Journey.

I do intend to watch Kiratto Pri☆chan as well – just waiting for it to be subbed. I wish shows like this and PreCure could be made more readily available on streaming sites. It is what it is, I guess.

Hisone to Masotan is another curiosity from this season. I don’t know how likely it is that I will actually watch it, particularly with everything else on top.

I’m still keeping up with BORUTO: NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS, Hugtto! PreCure, Katana Maidens ~ Toji No Miko and One Piece as well. Actually, all of those shows are in relatively interesting places at the time of writing: BORUTO is heading towards the chunin exams, Hugtto! PreCure has brought along some drama which will lead to Hana growing as a character, Katana Maidens has started a new arc, and a wedding is due to be crashed in One Piece.

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2 Responses to Spring 2018 Anime: First Impressions

  1. cirno9fan says:

    sadly, for whatever reason, Pretty Rhythm shows are not given teh same attention by subbers as other shows of the like. Hopefully Kiratto gets a better fate than it’s predecessor though. People went months without any subs on that show…

  2. Karandi says:

    Both MHA and GGO had pretty ordinary opening episodes and yet they both kind of know people will give them at least a second episode. I’m kind of glad WIXOSS is back even if I never do understand how they decide who wins and loses at the game. Even when they aren’t playing magically and they are just playing the actual card game it is really confusing what they are doing and why someone wins and someone doesn’t.

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