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citruscitrus is a twelve-episode anime adaptation of the yuri manga written by Saburouta. The anime was directed by Takeo Takahashi, and the writer was Naoki Hayashi. The studio that produced it was Passione.
citrus aired during the winter 2018 season of anime, and is available to watch on Crunchyroll.

citrus begins with Yuzu Aihara, who transfers into an all girls’ school at the beginning of the show. She ends up clashing a lot with the student council. The president of the student council is Mei Aihara – Yuzu’s step-sister.
As the series goes on, Yuzu starts to develop romantic feelings towards her step-sister.


Yuzu clashes with Mei

The focus of citrus is on the relationship between Yuzu and Mei, and whatever thing will get between them each week. That’s what it feels like, anyway – melodramatic might just be an apt word for describing the events of this anime.
Yuzu is a bright, cheerful girl, which makes for a stark contrast to Mei’s robotic personality. They do say opposites attract, though.

The romance that plays out between Yuzu and Mei is far from straightforward – after all, those things are more compelling when there are obstacles to overcome.
Early on, the intimate moments that Yuzu and Mei share tend to be more on the awkward side, with neither girl really being sure of her own feelings. That does involve one girl forcing herself on the other, and that doesn’t exactly give a good impression.
It may be a case of neither Yuzu nor Mei knowing how to properly express their feelings, but the damage will be done for some viewers.
After all, there’s got to be plenty of drama.


Yuzu isn’t always clashing with Mei

Of course, some of that drama comes from people trying to get between Yuzu and Mei. Certain characters are introduced who have their own agendas, and they often will have an impact on both Yuzu and Mei.
One such character is Matsuri, who engages in some rather suspect activities and considers Yuzu to be her own sister.
There are also another pair of siblings introduced fairly late on. That particularly arc is definitely amongst the more melodramatic, for better or for worse.

Not every character is trying to get between Yuzu and Mei, though. Harumi Taniguchi is Yuzu’s friend, and she quickly proves to be one of the most likeable characters. She is always there to give Yuzu advice, even if Yuzu doesn’t directly tell her what is going on. Harumi is also just a fun character, which makes a nice change of pace from the almost inevitable drama that will arise when Mei is involved.

Score: 7/10
citrus has a lot of drama going on, and some of it just isn’t that enjoyable watch. However, it did keep me coming back every week, curious to see how the relationship between Yuzu and Mei would unfold.
It’s not my favourite yuri anime, but it certainly is a solid effort.

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2 Responses to Rory’s Reviews: citrus

  1. Karandi says:

    This was one that was well talked up before the season and I tried it, but in the end I passed. I didn’t like the main characters enough to care how their relationship developed.

  2. OG-Man says:

    The anime was a lot better than I thought it would be. So much so that I can now ONLY CONTINUE THIS SERIES ANIMATED. I will never read the manga again. Basically a second season is the only way I’ll continue following this story.

    As expected Harumin is best girl followed by Yuzu.

    Sadly not even the anime could make the “Silver Twins Arc” be anything more than tolerable.

    However, its greatest accomplishment, something that MUST BE EMPHASIZED, is they managed to make Mei-Tron seem more human. That helped make the anime version TREMENDOUSLY easier to follow.

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