Hugtto! PreCure Episode 7: An Angel’s Feelings

Let’s start with some pretty cool news: it has been announced that the PreCure franchise will be getting a new film which will be a crossover featuring the first ever Cures, and the Hugtto! Cures. The thing that excites me most about this? Definitely the use of the first PreCure opening theme.
As for episode seven of Hugtto! PreCure, it is one that focuses on Saaya. Seems she’s having some doubts about her future.

Saaya, Hana and Homare

Saaya, Hana and Homare

The episode begins with Saaya doing the usual recap – it seems that each of the main characters will get their chance at doing that. Previously it was revealed that Saaya was the Veggie Girl from an advert on TV. Hana and Homare are impressed, but someone shows up who is less than happy about Saaya having been in the spotlight.

Ranze Ichijou

Ranze Ichijou

It seems that this Ranze thinks herself as something of a rival for Saaya. Ranze actually appeared in the same advert as Saaya – she played the role of a leek. Ranze also happens to reveal the identity of Saaya’s mother.

Reira Yakushiji

Saaya’s mother is star actress Reira Yakushiji

Ranze also reveals that both she and Saaya have an upcoming audition. Of course, Hana is eager to cheer Saaya on, but Saaya doesn’t exactly seem entirely thrilled about the prospect. Still, she practices for the audition regardless.


Hana sees Saaya as an angel

Later on, Saaya takes the opportunity to practice whilst she is alone. Hana and Homare happen to see her, and Hana is utterly convinced that Saaya is an angel. However, when asked to go again, Saaya isn’t able to reproduce that effort.
With the knowledge of people watching her, Saaya gets nervous and overthinks things. This has affected the auditions she has had so far.

Sad face

Hana says that Saaya was pulling this face whilst talking about her tendency to overthink


Cheer up Saaya

Hana and Homare help Saaya to overcome her doubts

Hana and Homare are able to help Saaya cheer up.

The day of the audition arrives, and Hana and Homare come up with something to give Saaya a little boost just before she has to perform.

Cuteness deficiency

Hana is struck down with Cuteness Deficiency Disorder

Hana’s plan amused me quite a bit, though it was all just a ruse for them to sneak in and wish Saaya luck.


Hana and Homare give their support to Saaya

Saaya is able to perform her audition – though she deviates from the script slightly. It is about that time that the enemy decides to strike, by preying on the negative feelings that Ranze has towards Saaya.

Monster of the Week

Monster of the week


Lulu is their foe this time around

Lulu leaves the office for the first time in this season in order to attempt to defeat PreCure. She was able to analyse of all their moves and have the Oshimaidaa react accordingly. It seems that the battle goes in Lulu’s favour, but Cure Ange refuses to back down.

Heart Feather

Cure Ange is able to turn her Heart Feather technique into an attack

Cure Ange will not let her desire to protect her friends be overcome, and this powers up her Mirai Crystal. With that newfound strength, her Heart Feather technique goes from an defensive one to an offensive one.
The Oshimaidaa is defeated shortly afterwards, and Lulu retreats.

After that, we learn the results of the auditions. The episode then ends with someone showing up out of nowhere and hugging Homare. We’ll have to wait until next time to learn who they are.

I guess the next couple of episodes will be focusing on the girls growing as characters, which in turn will lead to their Mirai Crystals being strengthened. That is all right with me, I enjoyed this episode. If we’re getting more like it, you certainly won’t hear any complaints from me.

I’m also pleased to see more from Lulu – seems like she could be quite a formidable foe with her analysis. I also suspect she is a character well worth keeping an eye on…

Cure Ange was able to upgrade her special move in this episode, so it is entirely possible Cure Yell and Cure Etoile will do the same. We also have yet to see a team finisher, though there’s probably a good reason for that.

An enjoyable episode. Next time, Homare will be in the spotlight.

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  1. OG-Man says:

    Hopefully we’ll get to see Ranze again in the future.

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