Thoughts on Kase-san and an Apron

In the fourth book of Hiromi Takashima’s Kase-san and… series, both Yamada and Kase consider their futures, and we also get a bit of a glimpse into Kase’s past.
Throw in a school festival for good measure, and the two leading ladies certainly have a lot on their plates.Kase-san and an ApronRunning Out of Time
Yanada has made up her mind to go to Tokyo with Kase-san! Before that can happen, she has to get through her entrance exams – and that means cram school, which puts a huge limit on her free time with Kase. Studying is not the only thing interfering with their time together, though. When Kase-san’s senpai – the same one who’s rumoured to be her ex – shows up, Yamada’s not sure what to think!

The future that both Kase and Yamada look forward to is one where they are able to go to Tokyo together. Of course, Yamada has to earn her way their first, as already mentioned. Kase’s thoughts about the future happen to extend a bit past that – she is keen to live together with Yamada.

The school festival stuff coincides with Yamada learning that Kase’s senpai will be there, so that affects her mood throughout. Not that any of that matters when a bunch of guys approach Yamada. Kase is quick to leap to her defence.
Shortly after sharing a moment together, Yamada meets Kase’s senpai, Inoue. Yamada ends up spending a lot of time worried about what kind of relationship Kase and Inoue had.
Is it something she should be worrying about? Well, I won’t say anything here. You’ll have to read the manga yourself to find out.

After that, Kase struggles to find a gift for Yamada’s birthday, and then there is one final chapter that focuses on Kase and Inoue. Even before Kase knew Yamada properly, she was being inspired by her.

Kase-san and… continues to be my favourite yuri manga series that is currently available, and this fourth volume was just as much of a delight to read as the others.
I absolutely love all the different expressions we see the characters have throughout – I hope that is something that carries through into the OVA. There is so much potential for reaction faces from this series.
Kase and Yamada still have a great dynamic between the pair of them. Whilst the story may be told from Yamada’s perspective, there’s plenty of things that Kase does that make it clear just how much she loves Yamada.
I’m fairly certain I’ve mentioned that before, and as long as that keeps happening, I’ll probably keep mentioning it – until the final volume, anyway.

The Kase-san and… manga is always a great read, and one that has a feel good factor to it, too.

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