New Nintendo Direct Presentation Announced

Nintendo Direct March 2018Nintendo has revealed that a there will be a new Nintendo Direct. It will air on Thursday 8th March, 10pm UK time. The presentation will last for roughly half an hour.

I’ll be sharing my thoughts as usual after the presentation, but for now, I will speculate a little about what we will see.

There will definitely be new information on Mario Tennis Aces, that much has been said in the official announcement.

There will almost certainly be talk of DLC for various games. The Awakening DLC pack is due out for Fire Emblem Warriors this month, so I imagine we’ll get a date for that.
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will be adding at least one new Rare Blade, so perhaps we’ll get more information regarding that.

Kirby Star Allies is due out later this month, so I suspect that game will get a quick plug as well.

There was also rumours about Diablo 3 for the Switch… I imagine we’ll soon find out if they hold any water. Blizzard denied it, but a lot of other places are saying otherwise.

I would love to see something for the Switch entry of Fire Emblem, though I also feel like that could potentially be something that Nintendo may save for E3.

Aside from Mario Tennis Aces, I don’t really know what to expect from this Direct. I imagine there will be things we expect, but also some surprises as well. After all, it’s not unusual for something to be released on the eShop directly after a Nintendo Direct.

I look forward to seeing what Nintendo has in store for us.

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