Thoughts on Magical Girl Site Volume 5

With a PV recently being released for the Magical Girl Site anime adaptation, I figure now is a pretty relevant time to talk about the series. So I will be focusing on the fifth volume of the manga.
Before I begin, here is the PV:

I am certainly looking forward to seeing the anime.
For now, though, my focus here will be on the fifth volume of the manga.

Magical Girl Site Volume 5

The cover of volume 5 of Magical Girl Site, featuring Kaname Asagiri

Magic and murder
Teetering on the brink of death, the magical girls are at the mercy of the ruthless Site Managers. The girls have a few tricks up their sleeves – and under their skirts?! Will their secret weapon be enough to keep them from death’s grip?

This volume starts with Aya and her allies in something of a hopeless situation. As the blurb states, the magical girls do have some hope of escaping a desperate situation. An unexpected character also makes a return.

After that nightmare ends, Aya and her fellow magical girls go for a trip to the beach. There is a very specific reason for that, but I won’t give that away here. This event also leads up to Aya’s brother, Kaname, starting to play a bigger role in the plot.

I’ve made feelings on Kaname clear before, but I’ll reiterate them; all I feel towards him is seething hatred. He has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. I’m very interested to see what the reaction to him will be from people who decide to watch the anime with no knowledge of the manga.
Kaname takes on quite a big role in terms of the plot, which means that we’ll be seeing more from him. I’ll just take solace in knowing that anything he plots won’t go as easily as he would like due to the other magical girls.

As much as I loathe Kaname, he does make for a good antagonist. He’s the type that you absolutely want to see completely and utterly defeated, preferably in either the most painful or most humiliating manner possible.

Also worth mentioning is how much Aya has changed ever since the first volume of the manga. It has been a good change for her, though perhaps some of it may just be a front. That front cracks a little whilst she is at the beach – again, this ties in with the reason she and the others are there in the first place.

I’ve really been enjoying reading Magical Girl Site, and this volume makes a great addition to the collection. I may abhor Kaname, but the stuff involving him certainly has the plot go in an interesting direction.

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