Katana Maidens ~ Toji No Miko Episode 9: Festival Time

Having arrived at a place away from the eyes of their enemy, the Toji get to relax a little and enjoy a festival in episode nine of Katana Maidens ~ Toji No Miko. Unfortunately, that relaxation time ends up cut short.

Hot springs

Seems like Kaoru got jealous when Ellen started washing Sayaka’s back

After a more successful training session in which Kanami and the others’ coordination has improved, the Toji go to the hot springs.
There, Mai reveals she has doubts. Kanami and Hiyori will get involved with the fight against the Origami family because of their mothers, and Ellen and Kaoru are part of Mokusa. Mai – and Saaya, as well – doesn’t have a reason to fight. Hiyori even says as much.
After that, the girls discover their clothes have gone missing. Nene is the first to get the blame, but it turns out they’ve been sent to the cleaners. Yukata have been supplied for the Toji, so they can enjoy the festival.


Kanami and company in yukata

Hiyori is a bit hesitant about wearing a yukata and going to the festival at first, but that soon changes. The girls enjoy their time at the festival, doing the typical festival activities you tend to see in anime.
That is followed by the main event, but first a familiar face shows up.


Rui turns up

After Rui helped Kanami and Hiyori out, she ended up being arrested. Fortunately, president Hashima pulled some strings and Rui was allowed to go immediately.

Rui and Richard

Rui and Richard will be providing you with exposition for today

Enough frivolity, it is time for some exposition – this time regarding noro. When a new okatana is forged, noro is cast off as an impurity. That noro was enshrined in shrines across the country, but the Origami family ended up collecting in order to manage it better.
Gathering a lot of noro together results in the creation of intelligent aradama.

Intelligent aradama

The jury is still out on whether Nene is intelligent or not…

Gathering too much noro in one place resulted in the Great Disaster of Sagami Bay – the great aradama known as Princess Tagitsu arose from a large quantity of noro that was suppose to be shipped to the United States.
Oh, and currently Yukari Origami has gathered more noro together in one place than ever before.
Toji use their okatana to purify noro that has become aradama. The first Toji also served as shrine maidens, which means the current ones will also need to become shrine maidens.
There’s quite a lot for Kanami and the others to take on, but both Akane and Richard decide that they will respect whatever decisions they make after learning all that.

Hiyori and Kanami

Hiyori and Kanami talk briefly about their mothers

Saaya and Mai

Saaya tells Mai she can do anything

Kaoru and Ellen

Kaoru and Ellen discuss what they will do after everything is over

The girls split into groups of two to do their own things during the night, which includes watching the fireworks from wherever they end up.
When the fireworks are done, Kanami and Hiyori go to Akane and Richard and say that they will fight alongside them. Akane has a warning for them, but the arrival of the Origami family cuts that conversation short.

Yume arrives

Yume arrives

The Toji end up splitting into two groups; one to hold back the enemy, and the other one to retreat. Naturally, Kanami and her allies are on the group that retreats.
Due to the invasion of the Origami family, it is confirmed that they have altered the spectrum metres supposed to be used for detecting aradama. Instead, they detect okatana – the soldiers using them have no idea, and are convinced the Toji have become aradama.
The enemy also possess weapons that seal Toji movement.
Yume is able to catch up to the retreating group. However, everyone besides Takako (one of then Toji who trained Kanami and the others) is able to board the sub and escape.

Yume attacks Takako

Yume utterly annihilates Takako

Takako refuses to lose to a Toji who relies on aradama. Yume does not take well to that accusation – she fights with her own ability. Ability that completely overwhelms Takako and leaves her defeated in the space of a few moments.

A price

It seems that Yume has to pay a price for using her own ability…

The episode ends with one final shot of everyone aboard the sub, sitting silently.

Well, I can say that I still like Yume. Since she seems solely interested in seeking out strong opponents, I can see her potentially switching sides. I also get the sense that she wants her natural talent to be noticed – being accused of using aradama certainly made her unhappy.
Or she’ll remain loyal to Yukari, since she’ll almost certainly get to fight Kanami or one of her allies later on. Either way, she remains my favourite member of Yukari’s elite guards.

This episode was fairly decent, and it’s nice to see the Toji got a brief respite before being thrust back into the conflict against the Origami family again.
Plenty of exposition to be had in this episode, as well. Yukari’s collection of noro will almost certainly be troublesome.
This exposition also brings up another similarity to Bleach: okatana purifying noro that has become aradamas is pretty much the same thing as zanpaku-to purifying spirits that have become Hollows.

These past couple of episodes have certainly been packed with exposition – I guess that kind of thing will tend to happen when you have a show that runs for two cours. That’s not a bad thing, though – I’ve liked learning more about Yukari and noro.
It is a lot to take in, though – though to be fair, Kanami and her friends have to take it all in as well. The audience is on an equal playing field when it comes to that.

Judging by the preview for the next episode, we will see whether Mai can overcome her doubts or not.

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