Maerchen Maedchen Episode 8: The Hexennacht Begins

It has only taken us eight episodes to get there, but we are now finally getting to see the Hexennacht. Up first, the Indian school takes on the German school and that is followed by a match between the Japanese and Russian schools.

German school

The German school

Indian school

The Indian school


Oh dear…

The Hexennacht begins with the Indian school being defeated off-screen by the German school. Mahakali’s Origin lets her see the future, but the future is ever-changing. It seems that Agathe, leader of the German school, possesses a more advanced version of that power.

Time for the main event: Japan vs. Russia. The Committee of 13 are watching the Hexennacht, and they have some things to say about protecting ancient Origins and reclaiming Cinderella should the Japanese school lose.

Japanese team

The Japanese team

The battlefield this time is a tundra, which is advantageous for the Russian team. The battle against the Russian school has the same tone as the previous episode had – in other words, it gets quite silly.
Here are some highlights:


Using weather manipulation to try and give the opposition colds – Shizuka and Ariko swiftly eliminate her after that


Making the Japanese team laugh at bad jokes – this defeats Mai. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough jokes to keep this up

Enforced Cooperation

Enforced Cooperation

The Mitten

Of course, The Mitten returns as well. Ariko’s expression here is great

With the Enforced Cooperation, it seems the Russians have managed to achieve victory. However, it is also wise to pay attention to where you are going, or you may fall victim to a stray tree…
Just as Shizuka gets ready to unleash her attack, everyone’s Buchülle disappears, courtesy of Tatiana’s Ivan the Fool.

Headmistress and Committee of 13

The Japanese headmistress objects to the Committee of 13’s decision to say both teams lost

The Committee of 13 are keen to say that both teams lost, but the headmistress of the Japanese school shows up and objects. Ultimately, she is able to get the match to continue.

The Americans did it

It is confirmed that the Americans were the ones who tampered with Tatiana’s Origin – but we already had guessed that

Back to the match, nobody can use any magic for three minutes. Maedchen aren’t trained to fight with their fists – oh, but Mai does happen to be a black belt in karate and she does some Krav Maga.

Combat Samba

The Russian team’s Combat Sambo proves to be no match for Mai

No matter how many times they are beaten by Mai, the Russian team keeps getting back up because they are determined to grant Tatiana’s wish. Hazuki also wants to help make Tatiana’s wish come true, though she has no intention of losing the battle.
Hazuki’s Origin responds to her desire to grant Tatiana’s wish, and it fixes Ivan the Fool – which means that the Russian team are able to use their powers again, whilst the Japanese team still have to wait.


Tatiana starts telling lie after lie

With her Origin fixed, Tatiana starts telling loads of lies, ultimately deciding that they should surrender. After all, Hazuki has granted her wish. The rest of the team are happy to go along with her, so Japan are the winners.


Yumilia is happy to boss around the others

The losing teams have to help run the tournament, and they are all given a uniform of sorts to wear. Tatiana lying to Maria about her looking good in and it and then gleefully running from her is adorable.

That’s it for this episode, and it was another fun one. That is courtesy of the Russian team; after all, they are a lovable bunch of idiots.
It’s a shame we didn’t get to see much of what happened between the German and Indian schools, though I was expecting that as we are quite late into the season. I’m going to guess we’ll only see glimpses of the matches that the Japanese school aren’t involved in – the show would have either needed to have the Hexennacht start earlier, or be two cours if we wanted to see every match in greater detail.

As things stand, it seems that the Americans and Germans are being setting up as the main antagonists. I just hope that doesn’t mean that the British and Chinese schools end up exiting the Hexennacht in the same way as the Indian school.

It seems that Maerchen Maedchen has had its fill of silliness now, and the next episode preview suggests we’ll be getting a more serious tone.
Unfortunately, we will have to wait until 22nd March for the next episode. The ninth episode has been delayed in order to improve animation quality. Episode 10 will air on 29th March, and the plans for episodes 11 and 12 have yet to be announced.

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2 Responses to Maerchen Maedchen Episode 8: The Hexennacht Begins

  1. OG-Man says:

    The injustice of Team India being eliminated off-screen. It was a low blow.

    Damn you Lynne.

    I highly doubt the other teams will top Team Russia’s performance in awesomeness. Maybe Team Britain.

    • Rory says:

      It sucks that Team India were eliminated in that way. It would have been nice to see what their Origins were capable of.

      I am hoping we get to see Team Britain in action, but part of me is worried that they’ll end up going the same was as Team India.

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