Thoughts on Bloom into You Volume 4

I shall now be sharing my thoughts on the fourth volume of Nakatani Nio’s Bloom into You. With the script for the student council play finished, it means it is time for everyone to be assigned roles.
The fourth volume of Bloom into You contains chapters seventeen through to twenty-two, as well as a small interlude that focuses on Sayaka.

Bloom into You Volume 4

The cover of Bloom into You volume 4, featuring Sayaka, Touko and Yuu

Practice makes perfect
The script for the student council play is finally finished! To make it a success, the council holds a practice camp during summer vacation. Touko, Sayaka, and Yuu soon find themselves faced with sleeping together in the same room. Whatever happens at camp, it promises to be three days of super-charged emotions!

As already mentioned, Koyomi finishes the script for the student council play. She had written it with specific people in mind for each of the roles; Touko is given the astonishingly appropriate role of lead character.
Said lead character has amnesia, and three different people come to visit her and give different accounts of what she was like before. After hearing that, she has to choose who she wants to become.
It is certainly not lost on Touko how appropriate the role is for her.
It’s not just Touko Koyomi seems to understand. She gives the role of the main character’s lover to Sayaka.
Interestingly, Yuu only gets a minor role in the play.

Another thing related to identity is Touko discovering that the person she looked up to had other sides that she never saw. Considering that Touko wants to become like that person, hearing that comes as a surprise to her.

The practice camp has Yuu, Touko and Sayaka all bathe together and sleep in the same room. Only thanks to the presence of all three, the girls are able to hold themselves back. Who knows what would had happened if Touko had been left alone with either Yuu or Sayaka.

However, Koyomi is less than satisfied with the way the play ends. After their practice camp, and Touko being particularly needy towards Yuu, Yuu seems to come up with an idea for how the play should end.

As for Yuu herself… I still think that she does have some kind of feelings for Touko, even though she would deny it. She doesn’t exactly say no to Touko’s advances, after all. She also has a desire to change Touko. Have to wait until future volumes to see how that goes, however.

This volume serves as set up for the student council play, whilst throwing in some bathing scenes and scenes of Touko and Yuu kissing. I don’t know what will happen when they play is eventually performed, but considering that it is a long-held ambition of Touko’s, I imagine some important stuff will happen.

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