Thoughts on Kiniro Mosaic Volume 5

Huh, it wasn’t that long ago that I was sharing my thoughts on the fourth volume of Kiniro Mosaic. Now it is time for the fifth volume, which features sports day and an alliance between two lovers of blonde hair.Kiniro Mosaic Volume 5Sports Day has arrived, and the girls are getting ready to compete! Honoka, on the other hand, is focusing on how to ask Karen for her number, and it’s not going well. But things might change once Shino gets involved and joins forces with her to from the Blonde Alliance! Sharing their love of blonde hair, the two become the best of friends… and the firecest of rivals!

There isn’t really much new for me to say about Kiniro Mosaic, simply because I’ve pretty much said it all before. Alice, Shino and their friends are cute and funny, and clearly I am still enjoying the series. After all, I wouldn’t own five volumes of the manga if not.

I can say that Honoka is fitting in perfectly with the already-established cast. She’s such a natural fit alongside the likes of Karen and Alice.
Particularly entertaining is Honoka and Shino having a competition to see who loves blonde hair more. It ultimately ends up coming down to Honoka’s field of expertise, but Shino proves she should never be underestimated when it comes to blonde hair.

Another highlight comes from a school play, in which Aya finds herself in the lead role. That ends up going off the rails courtesy of Karen forgetting her lines, but the power of blonde hair saves the day.

Kiniro Mosaic remains as amusing as ever, and a joy to read.

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