Katana Maidens ~ Toji No Miko Episode 8: What Was Left Behind

In the eighth episode of Katana Maidens ~ Toji No Miko, some light is shed on the great disaster that happened twenty years prior to the start of the show. The person who reveals all this is also an unexpected ally.The episode begins with a flashback to the Great Disaster of Sagami Bay, and a team of Toji led by Yukari Origami advancing upon a giant aradama.

Yukari and Kagari

Yukari and Kagari

Yukari is accompanied by a group of Toji who would go on to become the presidents of the five schools. There are two others as well: Kagari and Minato.
Yukari and Kagari go on ahead, whilst Yukari orders the others to retreat. Most of the Toji obey the order, but one insists on accompanying Yukari and Kagari.


Minato – now, she certainly looks familiar

Returning to the present day, we see that Akane was telling Kanami and her companions about the events of the Great Disaster. They are joined by one other person as well.

Sana Minawa

Sana Maniwa, president of Osafune Girls’ School

Sana reveals that she and the other presidents fought alongside both Kanami’s and Hiyori’s mothers during the Great Disaster. In fact, they were the two who accompanied Yukari to confront the giant aradama known as Princess Tagitsu.
Everyone is surprised to learn that Minato was Kanami’s mother – after all, she never really talked about her.
It also seems that the aradama wasn’t properly defeated twenty years ago, and there is a fear that it is trying to return and will cause another great disaster.

Akane researching

Akane researches the technique used to suppress the great aradama

When Minato and Kagari’s names were removed from the list of Toji who fought in the Great Disaster and the other five were made presidents of the schools, Akane got suspicious. Doing some research, she discovered that the technique to suppress the aradama required a sacrifice – in this case, it was supposed to be Kagari. However, it seems that Minato was able to save her.
The technique involved using jin’i to reach infinity, dragging Princess Tagitsu into the netherworld. Though Minato prevent the sacrifice from happening, both girls ended up shortening their own lives.

Something inside

Yukari talking with something lurking inside

After realising Yukari was not herself any more, Akane wrote the letter to Kagari asking for help. Whilst Akane continues to talk with Kanami and Hiyori, Ellen goes to check in with her grandfather.


Sana praises Ellen

Richard is having the ampoule that Ellen obtained analysed, but he feels it may be impossible for his facility to deal with. As such, he recommends that it is taken to Osafune.
Ellen seeks praise for her actions, and Sana is more than happy to give it. She then insists that she will make Kaoru more busier the more she succeeds.

Chidori and Kogarasumaru

Both Kanami and Hiyori inherited their okatana from their mothers

Akane believes that the blades Chidori and Kogarasumaru may have some connection, though she doesn’t voice that.
That night, Kanami and her allies all sleep in the same room. Kanami has another dream, and some light is shed on the identity of the person she dreams about.

Minato in the dream world

Kanami dreams about her mother, Minato

It turns out that Kanami has been dreaming about the 17-year old Minato. Though Kanami forgets the dream when she wakes up, her body is able to remember the techniques that Minato teaches her.
Minato also passes her sword from one hand to another when fighting – the reason for this isn’t made clear, but I suspect that Kanami may end up incorporating it into her own style in the future.


Kanami and co. train with Mokusa

The following day, Mokusa put Kanami and her friends through their paces. Whilst they are able to fight individually, they still have a long way to go as a team.
After the training, Hiyori and Kanami wonder if the S Equipment had saved their mothers had it been around back then.

Sayaka, Kanami, Hiyori and Richard

Richard studied the S Equipment technology to try and get an idea of Yukari’s motivation

All that Richard was able to ascertain was that the S Equipment simply made it easier for Toji to defeat aradama and collect noro. He finishes the conversation by saying their opponent isn’t a normal aradama; she may be more like a god.
The episode ends with Akane handing the ampoule over to Sana, who transports it to Osafune. However, it seems that ampoule has allowed Yukari to discover Akane’s location.

That wraps things up for this episode, and I really feel that Katana Maidens ~ Toji No Miko has really picked up lately. I have been enjoying it ever since the beginning, but it did feel just like yet another school girl battle anime at the beginning. However, as more and more information comes to light about Yukari and the aradama, I find myself ever more intrigued by it.
This episode may have been mostly exposition, but I did like learning more about the Great Disaster of Sagami Bay and how Minato and Kagari were involved.

Some light was also shed on the identity of the girl that Kanami dreams about. I was off the mark by saying it was the spirit of Chidori, Kanami’s okatana. Instead, it is her mother, Minato.
I suppose technically Minato’s spirit still lingers on, so it wasn’t a bad guess. It also provides an explanation as for why Kanami is so skilled – firstly, it is in her blood. Secondly, she’s even training when she is asleep, and her body remembers all that.

So all in all, a good episode. I certainly look forward to seeing what comes next.

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3 Responses to Katana Maidens ~ Toji No Miko Episode 8: What Was Left Behind

  1. OG-Man says:

    That big reveal of Minato being Kanami’s mom floored me. I did not see that coming. Looking forward to more. Also am hoping we get sexy scans of the teachers. They’re hot adults, even Yukina.

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