Maerchen Maedchen Episode 7: Уrá!

It is almost time for the Hexennacht to take place in episode seven of Maerchen Maedchen, but one of the first teams up is uneasy about their initial opponent.The episode begins with the Russian team studying Hazuki’s transformation during the qualifying match. They don’t think they can win in a direct fight, so they decide to try and prevent the Japanese team from participating in the first match.

Tatiana and Hazuki

Tatiana and Hazuki

Being nervous before the Hexennacht, Hazuki decided to use the bath to calm herself. She ends up being joined by Tatiana, a member of the Russian team. Tatiana is a friendly lass, and she even ends up revealing what her magic is.
Hazuki stops her before she says too much. Tatiana is initially upset about giving away so much, but she and Hazuki are able to laugh it off – they even become friends.

Time for a drink

Hazuki has a drink after her bath

After the bath, Hazuki discovers lots of bottles of milk. She decides to have one, and as a result falls prey to the Russians’ first fiendish plan.
It doesn’t work – the idea was to have the Japanese girls drink too much milk and get upset stomachs. That didn’t happen at all.

Japanese team

Hazuki asks if she can stay for the night

Usually, Hazuki would have usually returned home by night time. However, she said she was staying with a friend and asks if she can use a room. Shizuka says that Hazuki can share her room.

Plan B

The Russian team prepare plan B

The Russian team’s next plan is to lure the Japanese team down to a room in the basement and lock them in. However, they can only do that after cleaning it – they wouldn’t want their captives to be uncomfortable, after all.
Besides needing a spot of cleaning, the door locks from the outside and mobile phones don’t get any reception down there. It should be a perfect.

Writing a Love Letter

Writing a love letter

The next phase is luring Hazuki down, which is done with a love letter. Maria’s attempt to write a love letter doesn’t go very well – she’s way too honest. That’s when one of the other team members steps up to the task.
They are able to get Hazuki into the basement, and even lock it. However, that’s not a problem for Hazuki.

Hazuki on the phone

Hazuki simply calls Shizuka

Free Wi-Fi

This might just be my favourite punchline in this whole episode

I quite like the idea of a magic school having free Wi-Fi. Magic is nice and all, but the internet can be a very useful tool.

Russian Team

When people take advantage of Tatiana’s kindness, her comrades are there to help her out

We get a flashback showing that Tatiana is a kind and naive girl. There were people who took advantage of that: other students who claimed their family members were ill so Tatiana would do their homework on their behalf.
Tatiana would believe them, and end up having to do extra work. Fortunately, her comrades were there for her.

Shizuka and Hazuki

Shizuka and Hazuki patrol the library

During the night, Hazuki accompanies Shizuka on her rounds. Shizuka says that most other Maedchen get scared patrolling the library, but Hazuki is fine with it. After all, she loves the library, and she gets to be with Shizuka.
When Shizuka goes to eliminate a Stain, Hazuki spots a mitten. She disappears shortly afterwards. Shizuka discovers the same mitten, and ends up getting sucked into it. Nadia’s Origin, The Mitten, trapped the pair with its All Suction ability.

Nadia vs Yumilia

Yumilia confronts Nadia

Though Yumilia lost her chance to enter the Hexennacht because of the Japanese team, she realised that there was something more important. As such, she showed up to rescue Hazuki and Shizuka.
Unfortunately, Yumilia lets her guard down and Nadia is able to get her with All Suction. However, it doesn’t last long.


Hazuki and Shizuka got all “lovey-dovey”

Yumilia was worried about Hazuki and Shizuka, but she is less then thrilled to see that the pair were getting lovey-dovey inside the mitten. Regardless, what was it that freed them?


Tatiana used her magic

Tatiana used Ivan the Fool to cancel out Nadia’s magic. Her ability is supposed to cancel enemy magic within a certain distance, but her naivety resulted in her Origin being tampered with. As such, it affects her allies as well, now.
After explaining everything, the Russian team asks the Japanese team to not say anything. They agree, and settle on having a fair fight at the Hexennacht.

The episode ends with everyone ready for the first match of the Hexennacht. I feel like leaving it until episode eight seems a bit late, but we can only wait and see what is in store for us.

As for this episode, I enjoyed it a lot. It was funny, and I was pretty much laughing throughout courtesy of the Russian team and their plots to keep the Japanese team from the Hexennacht.
Sure, they may have been trying to avoid a fair fight, but it did come out of love for their comrade. Tatiana seems like a pretty great character, even if she can be incredibly naive. In fact, all of the Russian team seem like decent characters.
I look forward to seeing how they perform in the Hexennacht.

An all around fun episode that had me amused throughout.

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2 Responses to Maerchen Maedchen Episode 7: Уrá!

  1. OG-Man says:

    Team Russia were GLORIOUS. so many moments had me laughing because of them. I hope they find the happiness they seek after their match with Team Japan. Comrade Tatiana needs a happy ending.

    Accursed American scum.

    Hazuki and Minami’s romance is progressing smoothly.

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