Katana Maidens ~ Toji No Miko Episode 7: Warm Feeling

I feel that this episode of Katana Maidens ~ Toji No Miko has been the best one so far. This mostly comes down to the actions of Sayaka, though the plot continues to move forward for Kanami and Hiyori as well.
Let’s take a look at what made this episode so good.

Sayaka's refusal

Yukina ready to inject Sayaka with noro

The episode begins with Yukina about to inject Sayaka with noro in order to make her a vessel that will obediently serve Yukari. However, Sayaka doesn’t want that, and knocks the noro out of Yukina’s hand.


The girls recuperate after their battles

Switching to Kanami and the others, they are aboard the sub and running low on bandages. That is the fault of Ellen, who has had to use quite a few due to her assets. Hiyori isn’t best pleased to see Nene playing around with the bandages they do have left. After getting bandaged up, Kanami and Hiyori go for a walk around the sub and end up meeting Ellen’s grandfather.

Ellen & Richard

Ellen introduces her grandfather, Richard Friedman

Richard Friedman, developer of the S Equipment, started Mokusa after the Origami family started acting suspiciously in the aftermath of the Great Disaster. He also worked alongside one Kagari Juujou – Hiyori’s mother.
When Hiyori attacked Yukari, Mokusa were ready to carry out their plan. However, Hiyori’s actions put paid to that. However, Ellen being able to steal the noro that Yomi injected herself with during their battle means that they may have the evidence they need to deal a blow to Yukari’s regime.

Inner World

I still think this is the spirit of Kanami’s okatana, Chidori

During the night, we get another glimpse of Kanami’s inner world, or recurring dream or whatever that is.
Elsewhere, Mai gets a phone call.

Phone call

Mai gets a phone call from Sayaka

Sayaka fled from Yukina, and decided to call Mai. Turns out the pair did manage to exchange numbers after all. Sayaka doesn’t exactly have much to say, but Mai quickly figures out something is up.
After scenes of Yukina getting angry at the elite guards because they refuse to help her search for Sayaka, Yume decides to kill her boredom by hunting down Sayaka herself.

Mai and Sayaka

Mai is able to find Sayaka

Mai is able to track down Sayaka, and offers her some cookies when her stomach starts rumbling. She effectively tells Sayaka that she was able to tell something was up due to her sisterly instinct.
Their reunion is interrupted by the arrival of Yume, who tells Sayaka to return. Mai encourages Sayaka to state her true feelings on the matter; she doesn’t want to go back.


Yume as she is fighting Sayaka

Yume challenges Mai and Sayaka to a game of hide and seek, which naturally ends up becoming a sword fight. Yume tries to coax Sayaka’s special technique out of her, but she can’t bring herself to do it after recalling her battle with Kanami.
With Sayaka just standing there, Yume attacks.

Mai protects Sayaka

Mai defends Sayaka

Though Mai tries her best, Yume proves to be an overwhelming opponent. As Sayaka watches, she realises that her emptiness is being filled by a warm feeling. Having discovered that feeling, she doesn’t want to lose it.

Yume vs Sayaka

Sayaka fights to protect her warm feeling

Sayaka puts up a good fight, but Yume ends up overwhelming her. However, the arrival of Yukina puts an end to the fight. Before Yume departs, she cuts down all of Yukina’s guards.

Mai hugs Sayaka

Mai hugs Sayaka

After Yume has gone, Yukina tells Sayaka to go return to Renpu. With a little encouragement from Mai, Sayaka refuses. They both leave afterwards. The next day, they go to a beach where Mai says that they will do all the stuff that Sayaka wants to do.

Sayaka smiles

A smile that I’m sure Mai will strive to protect at all costs

The first thing Sayaka says she wants? To eat Mai’s cookies again – oh, and she smiles as she says it.
After all they’ve been through, Mai and Sayaka are taken somewhere safe where they meet up with a few familiar faces.


Kanami is happy to be reunited with Mai

So that’s our five main characters finally united as one group. However, this episode has one more surprise up its sleeve before it ends.

Akane Origami

Akane Origami

We’ll have to wait until next episode to see how the girls react to a member of the Origami family being part of Mokusa, as this is where the episode ends.

Like I’ve already said, this was a great episode. After having watched it, I have a tough time picking between Kaoru and Sayaka as my favourite characters. All the girls are great in their own ways, it’s just that those two are the ones I enjoy watching most.
I like Yume a fair bit as well, and the fight in this episode was perhaps one of the best so far. Well, in my opinion at least.

On the antagonist side of things, I would pick out Yume as my favourite member of Yukari’s elite guard. I’m glad she got to show her skill in this episode.

It’s pretty easy to interpret Sayaka’s ‘warm feeling’ as love for Mai, and that is exactly what I am doing. Those two go with each other so well, and it helps to make this episode one of my favourites.

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3 Responses to Katana Maidens ~ Toji No Miko Episode 7: Warm Feeling

  1. Karandi says:

    Sounds like a lot happened during the episode. It will be interesting to hear what happens next.

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  3. OG-Man says:

    Coooooookiiiiiiiieeeeesss! Nuff said.

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