Thoughts on Magical Girl Site Volume 4

With volume three providing one of my favourite moments from the entire series, the fourth volume of Magical Girl Site certainly has its work cut out to maintain that same level of quality.
New characters are introduced in this volume, and the truth about the Tempest steadily becomes clearer.
Volume four of Magical Girl Site has a total of nine chapters, starting with ‘Enter.20’, and ending with ‘Enter.28’.

Magical Girl Site Volume 4

The front cover of Magical Girl Site volume 4, featuring Kosame Amagai

The truth at last
Tsuyuno and Aya have been healed by a Magical Girl whose blood works medical wonders. Not only does she claim to be from a different Magical Girl Site than they are, she says she is going to help them. With her aid, they will soon have the answer they have been looking for: the truth behind the Tempest.

As I have already mentioned, this volume of Magical Girl Site serves to introduce a few more magical girls. They are quite a mixed bunch, and one of them is actually male. The character is trans, and subject to the abuse that is all too commonplace in this world. Said character pretty much just takes the abuse, but they have something planned for the future.
The most eccentric of the new characters is a lass by the name of Mikari Izumigamine. Her introduction involves her sodomising her servant, Yamai, with a broom. Yamai is a 60 year old man and a masochist, and I think the less said about this whole thing, the better. Now I think about, girls are chosen to become magical girls after experiencing truly agonising circumstances – which makes me wonder what the tragic circumstances regarding Mikari becoming a magical girl were.
I’m not keen on Mikari, but the other newly introduced magical girls are certainly interesting.

Sticking with the more negative side of things, this volume gives us a reminder of why I absolutely detest Aya’s brother, Kaname. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted any other character to suffer a gruesome fate as much as I have with Kaname. Any insult I can say about him is just too good. I don’t even want to acknowledge him, unless he is killed in the most painful way possible. Man, this is a hard paragraph to type without just resorting to a stream of swear words…

On the more positive side, Aya and Tsuyuno grow even closer in this volume. In the previous volume, Aya had a lot to say about protecting Tsuyuno, and Tsuyuno heard every word of it.
Other highlights include the pair taking a bath together, and then snuggling up in the same bed.
Those two girls may be going through hell, but being with each other does provide them with just a little bit of happiness.

It can’t last, though, particularly with Magical Girl Site finally delivering that horror I felt was so lacking in prior volumes at the end of this one. The magical girls find themselves confronting foes that they seemingly have no hope of standing up against, after a certain plan of theirs goes drastically awry.
As for how that whole situation unfolds… we won’t know until volume 5.

Volume 4 of Magical Girl Site provides a very worthy follow-up to volume 3, giving us some great moments of Aya and Tsuyuno bonding with each other. The introduction of new characters and the twist of there being other Magical Girl Sites keeps things interesting, and then it goes and deliver what I consider good horror at the end.
With every volume I read of this series, the anime adaptation is looking more and more promising.

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