Hugtto! PreCure Episode 2: School’s Angel

As you might expect, the second episode of Hugtto! PreCure introduces the second Cure. So, how is Saaya’s debut as a legendary warrior? Well, let’s take a look at the episode and find out.

Hana and classmates

Hana almost immediately gives her away her identity as Cure Yell

We begin with Hana’s classmates talking about how amazing Cure Yell was. Hana thanks them, almost immediately giving away her identity despite being told to keep it secret by Harry. Saaya also happens to take note of that particular conversation.

Saaya's fans

These two girls are also big fans of Saaya

Hmm… so the two girls talk about how amazing Cure Yell is, and they like Saaya quite a bit as well. She gets called the ‘school’s angel’, and they also make a point of mentioning how cute she is.
After that, Saaya walks to the library with Hana. It seems that Hana agrees with the two girls, as she says right to Saaya’s face that she is cute.

Saaya blushing

Saaya’s reaction when Hana calls her cute

Moving on, Harry decides to set up a house somewhere nearby. He does so by using the power of Hana’s Future Crystal, and then he has another surprise in store as well.

Human Harry

Harry’s human form

I was somewhat worried about what the reveal of Harry’s human form, but it really isn’t treated like much of a big deal. As long as it remains that way, I’ll be fine with it.
Moving on, after Hana changes Hugtan’s nappy, Harry explains to her that Pretty Cure effectively have to protect the future. If the Cryasse Corporation get their way, then there will be no future and Hugtan will remain a baby forever.
Hana needs to gather two more allies. However, Hana has other ideas.

Lone ranger

Hana insists on going it alone

Hana decides that she can protect the future on her own.

Later on, Hana goes to the library to find Saaya working on the school newspaper. She publishes it every month, but it doesn’t seem like there is much interest in it. Saaya decides to write about Pretty Cure, and Hana gets a little too enthusiastic about it. She gets scolded for making too much noise, and pulls a face that fans of Love Live! Sunshine!!‘s Riko may recognise.


Saaya compares Hana to a mountain bluebird

Saaya says that the bird is cute just like Hana. The conversation then moves on to why Saaya is writing the newspaper. She doesn’t really know, but seeing Hana eager to read it gets her fired up. Hana also offers to draw an illustration for the Pretty Cure story.

Hana and Saaya

Yep, these two are very good together

Later on, Hana returns to Harry’s house. When Hugtan starts crying, Saaya suddenly peers around the door.

Saaya and Hugtan

Saaya feeds Hugtan

Hugtan settles down quickly when Saaya holds her. As Saaya feeds the baby, she and Hana talk a little more, with Saaya saying that she isn’t as brave as Hana. However, Hana says that it takes courage to be as nice to everyone as she is. Hana also starts calling Saaya by her frist name.
Saaya also reveals that she too heard a baby’s voice previously, and experienced that brief moment where time froze.

But enough of that, it’s about time for Charalit to show up and summon the monster of the week.

Monster of the Week

Monster of the week

This week’s Oshimaida is a transformed crane. Of course, Hana heads to confront it, and she reveals to Saaya that she is Cure Yell.


Cure Yell struggles against the Oshimaida

With Hugtan in her arms, Saaya watches as Yell takes on the Oshimaida. As Yell fights, the desire to protect her wells up within Saaya. Sure enough, this causes the birth of another Future Crystal, and thus the next Pretty Cure is born.

Cure Ange

Cure Ange

Saaya transforms into Cure Ange, and it seems that her speciality is protecting her allies. I guess that would make her the white mage of the team, though whether she can actually use her abilities to heal others remains to be seen.
What she can do, though, is create a barrier with her own special ability, Heart Feather.

Heart Feather

Cure Ange uses Heart Feather

After fending off an attack from the Oshimaida, Ange devises a plan for defeating their foe – aim for its feet. That’s exactly what Yell does. Does she use a special attack? Nope.

Girder throw

Yell picks up a girder and hurls it at the foe

Cure Yell just hoists a giant girder into the air, and lobs it right at the Oshimaida’s feet. With the monster on the ground, she finishes it off with Heart For You. With the Oshimaida defeated, Charalit retreats.
The episode ends with Yell and Ange agreeing to be PreCure together.

Another good introductory episode for the second Cure of the season, Cure Ange. I quite like the way in which Saaya will look stuff up on the internet whenever she wants to learn more about something – I’m pretty much the same way.

We’re only two episodes in, and I already feel like Hugtto‘s fight scenes are infinitely better than most of what KiraKira had to offer. I don’t know who the rest of the season will shape up, but the return to form for the combat is certainly something I welcome with open arms.

Well, I’m pretty much now fully aboard the good ship Hana x Saaya now as of this episode. There were hints of it in the first episode, but Saaya’s debut as a Cure has just given us more between those two.
There’s Hana calling Saaya cute, Saaya’s reaction to that, and then Saaya pretty much reciprocates that a little later on. It’s not MiraiRiko or AkiYuka levels yet, but we are only two episodes into the season. Got to give it some time.
Regardless, it is still off to a good start.

Next episode is one that focuses on Hugtan. Looks like we’ve got to wait a bit longer for my most anticipated Cure of this season to make her debut – hopefully it will be worth the wait.

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  1. OG-Man says:

    Oh yes. Hana X Saaya has a lot of potential. Hopefully they too will join the other elite PreCure couples like MiraLiko, AkiYuka, HibiKana. LoveSetsu and Mana’s harem.

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