Thoughts on Magical Girl Site Volume 3

Brace yourself for more suffering, as I will be taking a look at the third volume of Magical Girl Site. Poor Aya Asagiri has gone through so much, but there is even more in store for her in this volume of Magical Girl Site.
However, this volume of Magical Girl Site also provides one of my favourite moments from the entire series, and I look forward to seeing it in the upcoming anime adaptation. This volume contains seven chapters, starting with ‘Enter.13’ and concluding with ‘Enter.19’. There is also a side story featured at the end of the volume.

Magical Girl Site Volume 3

The front cover of Magical Girl Site volume 3, which features Sarina Shizukume

Fate is a vicious mistress
There’s a new student in Aya’s class – the idol and magical girl, Anazawa Nijimi! Aya’s already hesitant about having her around, but things take a turn for the worse when she learns that Sarina spoke with Nijimi… and told her exactly where to find Shioi. That, however, might be the least of Aya’s worries: the truth of what happens post-countdown is soon to be revealed – and with it will come to a cruel and desolate fate. Which path will the magical girls choose?

Whilst the first chapter of this volume focuses on Nijimi and her reason for transferring to Aya’s school, the main event comes when Aya goes to find Tsukuno after she has been absent.
I don’t want to give away too much, but what follows is a massively cathartic confrontation. It runs over the course of several chapters, and has certainly burned itself into memory as one of the more memorable moments in the series.
That isn’t to say Magical Girl Site has a lack of memorable moments; it’s just that most of them involve someone suffering in some way. Well, those involved in the aforementioned confrontation certainly don’t come out unharmed.

Besides that confrontation, this volume also follows Nijimi as she seeks out Shioi in order to get revenge for her murdered friend. After the events of this volume, I’m not really a fan of Nijimi. Perhaps she is putting on an act when she meets a certain person, but I wouldn’t be upset if she were the next to suffer a tragic fate.

This volume ends with the introduction of a new character who drops quite the bombshell. With the Tempest drawing ever closer, something major is due to happen very soon. That will have to wait for the next volumes, though.

Volume 3 of Magical Girl Site is perhaps the best one so far, and that is all due to a single confrontation. The plot steadily moves along as well, and the new character who appears at the end certainly brings a pretty interesting twist into the story.

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