Katana Maidens ~Toji No Miko~ Episode 6: Aradama Fever

Previously, Kanami and her allies ended up clashing with Yukari’s elite guards. Whilst that was happening, Ellen marched straight up to the enemy. It is in this episode that we get to see just what Ellen plans on doing.

Ellen captured

Ellen is willingly captured

Ellen is taken into custody by the elite guards, and she even willingly hands over her okatana and mobile phone. She is asked about the S Equipment that was launched previously, but she feigns ignorance on that particular matter.

Red eyes

It seems that the elite guards have some secrets they’re hiding, too

After her fight against Kanami and Hiyori in the previous episode, Maki finds herself unable to calm down. This seems to cause her eyes to turn red, and that is something that they want to hide from Ellen in case she is connected to Mokusa.

Suzuka questions Ellen

Suzuka questions Ellen

When Suzuka questions Ellen, we end up discovering a little bit about Ellen’s family. Her mother, Jacqueline Anne Kohagura, is the chief engineer of the S Equipment. Suzuka also mentions Ellen’s grandfather, Richard Friedman, who pioneered the development of S Equipment. He disappeared, but rumours have placed him in Japan.
Before Suzuka leaves, she tells Ellen that Kaoru fought against Yomi. She doesn’t say how the battle went, though.


Kaoru wants to press on, but Nene has other ideas

Kanami and Hiyori end up reuniting with Kaoru and Nene. Kaoru insists on helping them get to their destination, but Nene is insistent on going in the opposite direction.

After seeing some scenes of Yukari doing something involved noro, Kanami and her companions are spotted on the mountain. Maki and Suzuka move out, which means leaving Ellen unguarded.

My Sweet Yasutsugu

Ellen is reunited with her sweet Yasutsugu

Ellen is able to reclaim her sword, and then start snooping around the enemy territory. Soon enough, she has to confront an enemy.

Ellen vs Yomi

Ellen takes on Yomi

Ellen ends up fighting Yomi. Their fight ends up moving from the enemy base into the woods. Of course, Yomi uses her aradama swarm trick to fight. Ellen demonstrates that it is not just swords that Toji are skilled at using.
However, Yomi has something up her own sleeve as well. She injects herself with noro, which causes her to grow a horn.

Deadly stomach blow

Ellen’s deadly stomach blow doesn’t work against Yomi after she has injected the noro

Yomi ends up turning the tide of battle. It looks like she is about to strike Ellen down, but then reinforcements arrive. Kaoru protects Ellen, and then gives her quite the greeting. Ellen lands at Kanami’s feet.

Hiyori and Kaoru confront Yomi

Hiyori and Kaoru confront Yomi

Hiyori claims that she is only there to see which enemy she should be fighting. Upon seeing Yomi, she also mentions that her letter said something about human experimentation. She finds Yomi’s appearance repulsive.
Kanami takes Ellen and retreats, whilst Hiyori and Kaoru confront Yomi together.

Noro injection

Yomi injects even more noro

Hiyori and Kaoru end up joining Kanami and Ellen’s retreat, but they aren’t able to escape from Yomi for long. Kanami ends up fighting Yomi, but things don’t go very well for her. Before Yomi can strike a fatal blow, the noro proves to be too much for her. Kanami ends up getting caught in the blast of noro as well.

Still alive

Kanami is relieved that Yomi is still alive after all that

With the fight at an end, Ellen calls for a taxi.


Ellen’s taxi is a submarine

Kanami and the others are able to go completely off the radar thanks to the submarine, so their escape is successful.

After all that, Yukari dismisses the Minoseki Academy and Heijou Institute presidents from the special mission – presumably due to the involvement of their students.

Mai and Sayaka

Sayaka thanks Mai for her cookies

Finally, we end with a scene between Mai and Sayaka. Sayaka thanks Mai for the cookies, and the two almost exchange contact information. However, Sayaka is called away before they can do that.
The episode ends with Sana calling the Minoseki Academy president and asking for a favour.

Another fairly enjoyable episode of Katana Maidens ~ Toji No Miko. We now know a little more about Ellen, and she has a rather close connection with the S Equipment in a way. I enjoyed watching her fight Yomi as well.
The elite guard’s red eyes show they are definitely hiding something – I’d guess that they are all using aradama in some way. It’s obvious with Yomi, but perhaps each member has their own unique ability.
That is only speculation at the moment though. However, there will undoubtedly be plenty of more fights featuring the elite guards.

With Kanami being caught in that explosion of noro, I suspect she might end up exhibiting similar powers to the elite guard. We’ve had the hint of the okatana having spirits, so the noro may be very similar to Bleach‘s Hollows.
Katana Maidens certainly shares quite a few similarities to Bleach, and I am perfectly content with that.

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