Game of the Month: February 2018

All right, not going to leave this until the last minute, unlike last month. Though Bayonetta 2 is being released for the Switch later on this month, it is not the game I intend to feature here. I have pre-ordered the special edition, though, so you can expect an unboxing post when I get my hands on it.
Focusing on what I actually want to talk about though, is a new Nintendo Switch game I have picked up. It may involve some mining, and there is definitely crafting to be done.Dragon Quest BuildersWhat, were you expecting Minecraft? No, instead, my Game of the Month is Square Enix’s Dragon Quest Builders, which is effectively Minecraft with a Dragon Quest mod. Well, that’s my first impression of it – I’ve barely scratched the surface of the game at the time of writing this. I’m going to assume there will be more to it.

NSwitch_DragonQuestBuilders_05The world of Alefgard has been shrouded in darkness by the tyrannical Dragonlord. Naturally, the world needs a hero, and that chosen hero is the player. You are the Builder, blessed with the power to create things – something that the people of Alefgard have lost.
To build things, you need to collect materials, and maybe refine those. After all, lumber is more useful once it has been turned into blocks of wood.

NSwitch_DragonQuestBuilders_06Fans of the Dragon Quest franchise will find plenty of familiar foes as they explore the wilderness looking for materials. Unlike in the main series of games, the Hero does not level up. Instead, you need to craft stronger weapons and armour to survive against tougher foes.
What does level up, however, is your town. You start by building a simple bedroom first, but as you go through the game you’ll be able to put together all sorts of buildings – inns, workshops, the list goes on and on.
You’ll want to collect all the resources you can. Any new material you acquire may provide more recipes for you to create items. There is a whole range of things that can be created, including weapons, armour, furniture, doors – and that’s not even taking into account the food you can find, providing you with new recipes.

The Nintendo Switch version of Dragon Quest Builders also has an exclusive Great Sabrecub. The Great Sabrecub will let you move around the faster, and grant you special material by defeating enemies.

As you build, NPCs will be attracted to your towns and cities. These NPCs can give you quests to complete, and may even be inspired to create their own things if they have somewhere to work.
Alefgard is not a peaceful place, so you will need to occasionally fend of monster attacks. Some NPCs are capable of combat, and will be happy to help you out when the time comes to fight off a threat.

If you don’t fancy all that objective-based gaming, Dragon Quest Builders also offers a separate free build mode. These mode give you unlimited resources, so the only limit you have is your own imagination.

A demo for Dragon Quest Builders is available on the Nintendo Switch’s eShop. If you are a fan of Dragon Quest and aren’t sure whether the Minecraft style gameplay will be for you or not, then you can always try it out.
That’s exactly what I did, and I enjoyed it enough that I picked up the full game.

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