Katana Maidens ~ Toji No Miko Episode 5: Time to Get Serious

Kanami and Hiyori have a specific destination that they need to get to, but their foes aren’t just going to leave them be. The pair will need to fight to get to their objective.


Kanami and Hiyori passed the Mokusa test

The episode begins with Ellen and Kaoru catching up with Hiyori and Kanami. Turns out their previous encounter was a test, and Hiyori and Kanami have passed. Ellen reveals that she and Kaoru are part of an organisation know as Mokusa, who oppose the Origami family.
Kanami is happy to have more allies, but Hiyori has a tougher time trusting them.

Kaoru and Ellen

Kaoru and her pet, Nene

Kaoru using an aradama is also an issue that Hiyori brings up, but Kaoru insists the creature is called Nene, and it is her pet. We learn a little about the history of Kaoru’s okatana, Nenekirimaru, at this point.
Their conversation soon gets cut short when a swarm of aradama suddenly appears.

Aradama Swarm

The swarm of aradama

The swarm ends up separating the girls. Kanami and Hiyori manage to stay together, with Kanami suggesting that Hiyori should just use Ellen and Kaoru if she can’t bring herself to trust them.
Kanami reveals to be rather sharp, as she knows that’s why Hiyori kept her around to begin with. However, she is confident that Hiyori will learn to trust them, as she learned to trust Kanami.

Suzuka Konohana & Maki Shidou

Suzuka and Maki of Yukari’s elite guards

Kanami and Hiyori end up confronted by the first and second members of Yukari’s elite guard: Maki and Suzuka respectively.

Elsewhere, Kaoru and Nene have been separated from the others, and have that swarm of aradama to deal with.


Nene is knocked off a cliff

Kaoru struggles to deal with the swarm – her huge okatana isn’t exactly ideal for taking on many enemies. Nene ends up protecting her, and both end up going over a cliff. Nene is knocked down by the swarm, whilst Kaoru jumps after it in order to rescue it.


Yomi Satsuki is the one creating the swarm

We see that the aradama swarm originates from another member of Yukari’s elite guard, Yomi Satsuki. She cuts her arm with her sword, and the aradama burst forth from the cut.

Mai and Sayaka

Mai gives some cookies to Sayaka

Shifting out attention away from the action for a short while, we see Mai meeting with Sayaka. Mai is pleased to hear that Kanami is fine. She also sees that Sayaka has a cut on her cheek, so she puts a plaster on it.
Being worried about Kanami meant that Mai ended up making too many cookies, so she gives some to Sayaka. Before Mai departs, she says that Sayaka should challenge Kanami to a duel again some time.
Once Mai is gone, Sayaka tries one of the cookies and she seems to quite enjoy it.


Yume “playing” with Yukari

Elsewhere, Yume is bored so she decides to play with Yukari. Yume’s idea of playing is quite dangerous, but Yukari doesn’t even need to get out of her seat to see her off. Yukari tells Yume to wait a little bit longer; it seems she has something interesting planned.

Young Kaoru

A young Kaoru hugs Nene

Returning out attention to Kaoru, we see a flashback to when she met Nene. She tried to chase Nene off at first, but after taking a tumble she soon realised that the aradama was friendly.
Back to the present, Kaoru decides it is time for her to get serious.


Kanami and Hiyori fight their respective opponents

Kanami and Hiyori fight the two members of the elite guard, and during that fight Hiyori puts her trust into Kanami. A fine display of teamwork brings the battle to a close.

Yomi Satsuki

Yomi prepares to fight Kaoru

After Nene is injured by the aradama swarm, Kaoru is able to track down Yomi and start working on getting pay back for that.

Kaoru sleeping

After her fight, Kaoru falls asleep

It seems that swinging Nenekirimaru around really takes a toll on Kaoru. She just falls to the ground and goes to sleep, with Nene joining her.

Just passing by

Just a Toji passing by

As for Ellen… well, we’ll need to wait until next time to see what she’s up to as this is the point where the episode ends.

After this episode, I’ve warmed up to Nene a fair bit. My first impression was that it was a typical pervy mascot type character, but this episode has shown that there is more to it than just that.
I’m liking Kaoru quite a bit, too.

I really enjoyed this episode – in fact, it may be my favourite one so far. Hiyori putting her trust in Kanami during their fight with the elite guards was a great moment, though it doesn’t seem that Maki was too pleased with the outcome of that fight.
Yomi being able to summon forth aradama like she does suggests that the Origami family elite guard are aware of what is going on with Yukari. The question becomes are they devoted to Yukari herself, or are the aradama having some kind of effect on them?
I don’t know at the moment, but I’m sure answers will be forthcoming later on.

A good episode all around.

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2 Responses to Katana Maidens ~ Toji No Miko Episode 5: Time to Get Serious

  1. OG-Man says:

    All three were good fights and the mysteries behind the Origami Family continue piling up.

    • OG-Man says:

      Oh and I forgot to mention the seeds of SayaMai/MaiYaka were planted and I’m very interested in finding out when she’ll turn face and run into Mai’s arms.

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