Maerchen Maedchen Episode 3: Origin Library

The Hexennacht draws ever closer in Maerchen Maedchen, but Hazuki has still yet to master her magic. Episode three focuses on her training, and we are also introduced to the leaders of other magic schools from around the world.


Hazuki training

The episode begins with Hazuki practising her magic. She is able to turn a fair few pumpkins sentient and give them orders, though a couple do their own thing.
Hazuki is feeling closer than ever to Shizuka at this point – so much so that she even slips into one of her fantasies whilst eating with her and Ariko. Hazuki ends up talking out loud before snapping back to reality.

Shizuka, Ariko and Hazuki

Hazuki snaps out of one her fantasies

Ariko brings up the fact that Hazuki can’t use Buchhülle. Now, I think Crunchyroll’s subtitles have been inconsistent on this one, and it is the spell previously referred to as Bouf Hyure.
Anyway, Shizuka assures Hazuki that she has magical talent, and that she will be able to pick up the spell sooner rather than later. Ariko says she will have to, with the Hexennacht coming up.
Shizuka explains what the Hexennacht is – effectively a tournament in which magical schools from all around the world participate. The winner is granted a magic can grant any wish – though Hazuki says that all her wishes have come true.

Yumilia Qazan

Yumilia in the Origin Library

So apparently Crunchyroll is back to calling her ‘Yumilia Qazan’ now… also, the books that give the girls their powers are now referred to as ‘Origins’.
Shizuka takes Hazuki into the Origin Library to help her get an idea of why the Hexennacht happens. Inside, they encounter Yumilia who is cleaning the library.


Shizuka cleans up some Stains

In places with lots of Origins, things called Stains appear. They eat Origins, and if left unchecked they will become creatures known as Flecks. Since they are made up of black magic, the Maedchens’ white magic neutralises them. The Hexennacht is effectively a large-scale cleaning operation for the Origin Library.
There are seven participating schools, though the seventh has yet to be decided. Vying for that final place is the Japanese school – Kuzunoha – and the Coalition school that Yumilia transferred from.

Shizuka vs Yumilia

Shizuka and Yumilia clash

Shizuka and Yumilia start fighting over which school will get into the Hexennacht, but the conflict is brought to an abrupt end courtesy of a Stain and Hazuki’s reaction to it. After that, Hazuki is very apologetic towards Shizuka.


Shizuka evens the score with Hazuki

After Shizuka makes things even between them, Hazuki returns home. She ends up lying about joining a club, though Misa quickly realises that. Misa confronts her about it later on.

Story Syndrome

Hazuki’s story syndrome flares up

Hazuki almost does her typical thing and run away to lose herself in a book, but she stops herself this time. Instead, she tells Misa that she has been seeing someone that she likes.
Hazuki may have been lying, but this does help her grow closer to Misa – even if Misa thinks the person that Hazuki has been seeing is a boy. Regardless, Misa will be happy to cover for Hazuki returning home late.

Committee of 13 member meeting

One of the Hexennacht judges stops by Kuzunoha

Whilst Hazuki feverishly studies, Shizuka meets with one of the Committee of 13 – a judge for the Hexennacht. He is there to inform them that the match against the Coalition school will take place on December 25th, and the Hexennacht itself will start on January 1st.
He also makes it very clear that he is very prejudiced against people from the other side. He is very unhappy to hear that the Cinderella Origin chose someone from the other side – he even suggests altering her memory. Once he is gone, the headmistress swears to protect her students no matter what.
With the date for the match between the Japanese and Coalition schools announced, the leaders of the other schools arrive at Kuzunoha Academy.

Liu Xuemei

Li Xuemei from the Chinese school

Maria Rasputin

Maria Rasputin from the Russian school


Mahakali from India

The leaders are all very popular, and they even have their own fan sites. Even Shizuka has one, which Hazuki browses feverishly. However, the top three are not present at the gathering.

Agathe and Arthur

Agathe, from the German school, and Arthur, from the British school

Shizuka, Agathe and Arthur – the girls from the Japanese, German and British schools – make up the top three. Agathe tells Shizuka that the Cinderella Origin should be returned to the German school. She also mentions an incident from a few years ago in which Shizuka lost her mother – even the German school knew her.
Arthur doesn’t contribute a lot to the conversation, though she is keen to have the British, German and Japanese schools all participate in the Hexennacht.
Agathe has some harsh words about Hazuki – which Hazuki hears. She is eager to prove herself, so she tries to use the power of her Cinderella Origin.


Hazuki’s attempt at using Buchhülle has mixed results

Hazuki is able to call down the ashes of the cinder princess, but she ends up naked… again.
Later on, before she returns home, Hazuki is eager to improve herself. Shizuka gives her a reassuring pat on her shoulder, which helps her to calm down slightly before she departs.

That brings episode 3 to an end, and sure enough I enjoyed it. We now know why the Hexennacht is held, and we got brief introductions to the leaders of the other schools. It also seems like there may be something between Yumilia and Li Xuemei from the Chinese school, particularly with the way Li Xuemei looked at Yumilia…

Hopefully Crunchyroll will be more consistent with its subtitles going forward, though.
According to Google Translate, ‘Buchhülle’ is German for book cover, or book jacket. I guess that makes sense, considering the Origin Masters more or less wear the power of their stories.

It was nice seeing Hazuki grow closer to Shizuka, and with Misa as well. Misa may have misunderstood the situation slightly, but it’s nice to see that she has Hazuki’s back.
The Committee of 13 member showed us that prejudice exists in the magic world. It’ll be interesting to see if that plays into the plot later on. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Three episodes in, and Maerchen Maedchen is still my favourite show I am watching this season. There are some incredibly good shows this season, so being my favourite is no small feat.

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  1. OG-Man says:

    Our leading ladies have hit a bump but their love for each other is still strong. They just need the right push to not hold back any longer.

    Also our respective hype girls made their debut!

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