Katana Maidens ~ Toji No Miko Episode 3: Soulless Blade

With the reason for the incident Hiyori caused revealed in the previous episode, episode 3 of Katana Maidens ~ Toji No Miko has them receiving a little help.The episode begins with Mai reporting to the Sword Administration about her encounter with Kanami and Hiyori. She defeated an aradama with their help, but they escaped afterwards.


Yukina has a go at Yukari’s bodyguards for failing to do their jobs

News of this incident reaches Yukina, who seems to be fiercely loyal to Yukari Origami. She is keen to have the traitors apprehended as soon as possible, but of course Yukari’s bodyguards were told not to attack.


Yukina tells this girl, Sayaka, to defeat the traitors

Turning our attention back to Kanami and Hiyori, Kanami called the number on the piece of paper that was in the packaging of the cookies Mai gave to her. They go to a specific place, where they meet a new ally.

Rui Onda

Rui Onda

Rui takes Kanami and Hiyori with her to her own place. On the drive there, she reveals that she is a former Toji. She also knows the president of Minoseki – in fact, it was the president who called her and asked for her to look after Kanami and Hiyori.
When they arrive at Rui’s place, Kanami and Hiyori have a few questions for her. Rui tells them to take baths first, and then eat after that.

Hiyori and Kanami

Hiyori keeps her okatana nearby at all times

Whilst Kanami is pretty carefree about the situation, Hiyori says that she should be more wary. Hiyori even goes as far as to take her okatana into the bathroom with her.
Rui chooses not to pry too much into why Hiyori did what she did. Instead, she heads off to bed, letting the girls know that she’ll leave a spare key for them to freely use.
After Rui’s gone to bed, Hiyori has some questions for Kanami about what she saw during the incident with Yukari.

Hiyori asking Kanami questions

Hiyori asks Kanami about what she saw during the incident with Yukari

Kanami isn’t really able to describe what she saw; all she can really recall was that it was like a pair of eyes. She also suggests that it came out when Yukari drew her okatana, and that it may be connected to the netherworld.
This brings the name of two swords to Hiyori’s mind: Oodenta and Onimaru. It seems that Yukari potentially took those blades from the underworld…
As things stand, Kanami and Hiyori are unable to tell anyone about the situation. Hiyori is keen to defeat Yukari, but Kanami says that she is too powerful.
When the girls go to bed, Hiyori thinks back to her attack on Yukari and recalls how Kanami could see her jin’i – a movement that was faster than a speeding bullet. It seems that Kanami has quite a lot of potential…

Kanami and a girl

Kanami talks to another girl in a dream, or her inner world, or something like that

If I had to guess, the okatana have spirits within and Kanami is able to talk with hers. In fact, that reminds me of something…
Regardless, Kanami is worried about Mai, but the other girl assures her that it will be fine. She is then very eager to spar – apparently that’s all she thinks about.

Kaoru and Ellen

Kaoru Mashiko and Ellen Kohagura

Turning out attention back to Mai, she spots Sayaka who she recognises from Renpu. After that, she is approached by the representatives of Osafune, Ellen Kohagura and Kaoru Mashiko. They assure her that Kanami will be just fine, and then say that they are going off on vacation.

Back at Rui’s place, Kanami and Hiyori decide to clean it as thanks for being allowed to stay there.


Rui’s place is shining thanks to Kanami and Hiyori

Meanwhile, Mai has to go report to Yukina. Yukina makes it clear that she is very displeased with Mai’s course of action, though ultimately it doesn’t matter as Renpu will resolve the situation.
After being shouted at, Mai leaves. On her way out, the president of Minoseki catches up and assures her that Kanami is being looked after.

Threatening Mai

One of the elite guard threatens Mai

Mai’s day just gets worse, as one of the elite guard shows up. She moves incredibly swiftly and points her blade at Mai’s throat. Mai doesn’t even have time to react. The elite guard says that Mai is weak, and she never would have been able to beat Kanami and Hiyori.
The president of Minoseki tells the elite guard to put away her okatana. She complies and departs.

Returning to Rui’s place, Hiyori reveals she’s actually quite good at cooking. The tidy apartment and good food serve as a nice surprise for Rui when she returns home. There is something that she wants to show to them, as well.


Rui shows the girls some kind of instant messaging thing

The programme refers to Rui as ‘Gladdy’, and claims to be an ally. It asks if the girls have the letter, and whether they are ready to face it. Before it can reveal a location for them to go to, an unwelcome visitor drops in.

Sayaka attacks

Sayaka attacks

The whereabouts of Kanami and Hiyori was tracked down, and Sayaka starts her mission. Whilst Kanami goes to grab her okatana, the fight goes outside with Hiyori and Sayaka briefly clashing blades in free fall.
Sayaka turns out to be a swift opponent, and the only solution that Hiyori can see is to kill her. However, Kanami arrives and says that she will fight Sayaka – without killing her.

Kanami vs Sayaka

Kanami can feel that nothing is coming from Sayaka’s sword

As Kanami fights, she realise that Sayaka’s sword is soulless. A blade like that won’t defeat her, and she is easily able to disarm Sayaka. After winning their match, Kanami asks if Sayaka remembers her, as well if they can spar again.

A promise

A promise between Kanami and Sayaka

All Hiyori thought she could do in the situation was kill her opponent, but she can see from Kanami’s example that there were other options.

This is where the episode ends. Now, I mentioned earlier that this show reminds me of something. That something is Bleach – we have flash steps – or ‘jin’i’ as they are referred to here, and now we potentially have sword spirits.
Of course, that whole scene with Kanami and the girl eager to spar could be something else, but sword spirit is my guess for now.

Whilst I enjoyed this episode, I do not care for the aradama mascot thing that was accompanying Kaoru. Hopefully we won’t be seeing too much of that.
That’s just a really minor thing, though. Everything else was decent enough.

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  1. OG-Man says:

    All I can say is I’m very interested in seeing where the story will go next. I predict this will be the 7/10 Fighting Girls show of the season like Ange Vierge, Schoolgirl StrikerS and Battle Girls High School. It won’t amaze and will definitely bore some but a solid viewing experience for others.

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