URAHARA Episode 11: The Most Important Thing

My posts for both URAHARA and KONOHANA KITAN are going to be a little shorter this week due to various reasons. So, with that in mind, let’s just dive in straight to episode 11 of URAHARA.


The girls have been stuck in a fantasy

Last time, Misa revealed that everything that has been going on ever since the bubble appeared has been a fantasy. She is amazed at the power of imagination, but Rito, Mari and Kotoko aren’t exactly thrilled with the situation.

Misa apologises

Misa apologises after understanding why living in a fantasy isn’t good

Misa says that she will return home, but Rito stops her. The ring she wears on her finger is proof that Scoopers are able to create, and she should stay and create things with the other members of Park.
Ebifurya isn’t exactly on the same page, though, and he becomes increasingly angry.

Fried shachihoko

The fried shrimp became fried shachihoko

Ebifurya then starts chasing the girls around Harajuku. However, they come up with a plan to get away from him, using the power of their imaginations. It seems to work, however, he ends up cornering them.


Misa steps forward to protect her friends, and her Amatsumara responds

With her Amatsumara glowing, Misa tells Ebifurya that he won’t beat her.

This is where the episode ends. I’ll wrap things up quickly by saying that I found this episode fairly enjoyable, and I look forward to seeing what Misa has in store for Ebifurya next time.

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