KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 43: Crystallisation of Hard Work and Intelligence

As we steadily draw closer to the conclusion of KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode, Himari is in the spotlight once again. The previous episodes that have focused on her have been pretty good so far, so let’s take a look and see if episode 43 can live up those that have come before.


Himari ready to take on her next challenge

The episode begins with Himari showing just how much more confidence she has become recently. She makes a recommendation to a couple of customers, and they then suggest she should try auditioning to be an assistant on a sweets TV programme. She eagerly accepts that challenge.

Himari & Yuu

Yuu Tachibana makes a brief return

Himari studies with Yuu, and furiously scribbles down what she learns in her third notebook. Yuu mentions how the notebook is the crystallisation of intelligence and hard work.
Moving on, Himari arrives at the TV station in preparation for the audition. However, she’s not alone.

Himari's companions

Himari has some support

When the girls go inside, they discover that it looks more like idols are auditioning. It’s quite the scene… and a few of Himari’s friends draw some attention as well.

Yukari and Akira

Yukari and Akira are scouted by a talent agency… who they promptly turn down

Ciel draws quite a crowd for herself as well.


Himari auditions

For the audition, Himari has to pretend to whip cream whilst saying why she loves sweets. However, she ends up being herself, asking to know what the whipped cream is for and specific ways to prepare it for different reasons. However, that’s not quite what they are looking for in the TV show.
Himari leaves the audition, and she isn’t exactly feeling happy.


Himari’s friends are there to comfort her

Himari’s friends tell her that she doesn’t need to change, but Himari thinks otherwise. She doesn’t like her shy and timid self and runs off. Off course, Elisio happens to be nearby, and he uses Diable’s power to cause arguments to break out.
With people arguing, Elisio approaches Himari.

Elisio burns Himari's notebooks

Elisio burns Himari’s notebooks

Himari gets to watch as the crystallisation of her intelligence and hard work goes up in flames. As you might imagine, Himari is incredibly upset but Elisio isn’t done trying to break her just yet.


Elisio’s costume of the week

Elisio makes Himari relive the memories where she ended up isolated from others due to her love of sweets. However, Elisio’s attempts to get Himari to sink into the darkness come to an end due to the remnants of her notebook. She recalls all the fun memories she made when creating sweets.
She snaps back to normal and transforms, and the rest of PreCure soon join her to fight Elisio.

Cure Custard

Cure Custard

When the cavalry arrives, Elisio pretty quickly binds them. He tells Custard that she will fail again and again. Custard is aware, but she accepts herself for who she is. After all, there is a world of sweets out of there full of discoveries to look forward to.
PreCure force Elisio to retreat in the usual manner.
Following that, Cure Custard ends up going for a second audition due to a case of mistaken identity. She goes for it again.
After that, the girls head back home. Himari may have lost her notebooks, but her recipes live on in her heart.

Himari smile

Himari was able to learn to love herself

This is where the episode end, and I enjoyed it quite a lot.
Seeing how far Himari has come from her timid beginnings has been great. She may not have much presence when the entire group is involved, but the episodes that focuses solely on her are definitely amongst some of the best.
I know Elisio is a villain, but I can’t help but feel that him burning Himari’s notebooks was one of his most despicable acts so far. Himari had spent most of this season putting those together, and she had to watch them disappear in the space of mere moments. Just another reason that Elisio is my favourite villain of this season, I guess.

Next week, it will be Akira’s turn for the spotlight to shine on her once again.

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