URAHARA Episode 10: To Be Wonderful

In episode 10 of URAHARA, we learn a little more about Misa and what she was doing before she met Rito, Mari and Kotoko.Previously, Rito, Mari and Kotoko decided to no longer be part of Ebifurya’s plan to become Scoopers, effectively telling him to shove it.
Ebifurya doesn’t intend on giving up on stealing their creativity, though. He pulls out a device in order to try and capture them.

Mari, Rito and Kotoko

Kotoko ends up musing about black holes

Ebifurya is keen to take the girls back with him so he can steal their creativity. Naturally, Rito and the others are against that, and Ebifurya finds himself with a bit of extra opposition as well.

Misa opposes Ebifurya

Misa thinks that they should stop stealing creativity

Ever since meeting Rito, Mari and Kotoko, Misa has come to learn how wonderful it is to create. At this point, we get a flashback to Misa’s life as a Scooper.

Misa and Ebifurya as Scoopers

Misa and Ebifurya in their Scooper forms

Misa never experienced much in the way of excitement when she was a Scooper, and even when she did it was short-lived. Of course, that was until she arrived on Earth. We see Misa explore Harajuku, even picking up a crêpe from a familiar face.

To be wonderful

Misa simply wants to be wonderful, like Rito, Mari and Kotoko

Back to the present, and Misa shares her desire to be wonderful. Of course, Ebifurya can’t comprehend what she is talking about, but Rito and the others understand perfectly.
Those three discovered ways to be wonderful thanks to the influence of each other, and we see a flashback to when they first opened Park.

First customer

Park celebrates its first customer

There are some nerves before they open, but things work out and they sell a t-shirt that Rito had designed to their first customer.
Rito, Mari and Kotoko share how they’ve all become wonderful thanks to each other, and then Misa decides to drop a bombshell on them.
The Harajuku that they are currently standing in, all the people – even Sayumi – are all creations of the girls’ imaginations.
Turns out the big parfait they created before absorbed the power of the Amatsumara, leading to the creation of the imaginary Harajuku.

This is the point where the episode ends. I found it to be fairly enjoyable, and I quite liked seeing what Misa was up to before arriving in Harajuku.
As I have mentioned before, Sayumi was indeed a figment of the girls’ imagination – as was everything else. Made a pretty good guess, there, huh?
Once again, I don’t know how the next episode will follow this one. Perhaps it will have the girls trying to find some way to get back to the real Harajuku. They may have destroyed the Amatsumara, but that giant parfait they created still holds that power.
I’m also going to assume Sayumi does actually exist in the real world, particularly as we saw in Misa’s flashback that she stopped by her shop before all that drama with the Scoopers happened.
Regardless, we’ll have to wait until next week to see what the girls plan to do next.

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1 Response to URAHARA Episode 10: To Be Wonderful

  1. OG-Man says:

    There’s still hope for Sayumin. THERE MUST BE!

    Very intrigued to see what our heroines will do after this shocking reveal.

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