KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 42: Pyjama Party

Last week’s episode of KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode wasn’t exactly the greatest, but perhaps things will pick up with one that focuses on Aoi. Aoi’s episodes tend to focus on her being in a band, so I expect we’ll get some decent music out of this at least. Let’s take a look at episode 42 of KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode.


It is Aoi’s turn in the spotlight today

The episode begins with Aoi and her band, Wild Azur, finishing up a successful show. Everyone goes to KiraPati to celebrate, but one member of Wild Azur isn’t joining in with the merriment.


The bassist of Wild Azur, Sonobe

Sonobe announces that he will be leaving Wild Azur. That news comes at a pretty bad time, as Wild Azur are due to take on Misaki’s band, Ganache, in another battle of the bands.

Misaki and Aoi

Aoi talks to Misaki about Wild Azur

Upset with that development, Aoi decides to talk to Misaki about it. She says that Sonobe is the one who formed Wild Azur, as well as being the leader. She pretty much admits that it feels like her dream will be slipping away from her.
Misaki tells her that she can skip out on the concert if she wants.
With Aoi feeling down, her friends decide to try and do something to cheer her up.

Akira lifts Aoi

Akira lifts Aoi, ready to whisk her away

Whilst Aoi is walking home, she is topped by Yukari and Akira who tell her that they will take her somewhere special. Turns out that they are just going to KiraPati, but the girls do have something planned there: a pyjama party.

Pillow fight

The pyjama party quickly becomes a pillow fight

Pillow fight2

Even the fairies join in

After their pillow fight, the girls decide to make ice cream. Aoi then asks everyone what they would do if their favourite sweets ever went away. Himari would be upset, and Ciel says she would just have to go and find them.

Akira & yukari

Akira kind of dodges the question, and Yukari keeps her answer a secret

Ichika says she would have to just make more, but regardless, it wouldn’t affect how much she loves sweets. Aoi has an epiphany upon hearing that. Whilst everyone else goes to sleep, Aoi starts writing a new song.

Wild Azur

Wild Azur ready to put the finishing touches on Aoi’s song

They put the song together, and the time of the concert soon arrives. After Ganache’s performance, Misaki tells Aoi that she didn’t expect her to show up. Aoi simply retorts that they came to win.
Just before Wild Azur can begin performing, an uninvited guest shows up.



Elisio arrives to steal Aoi’s dream, which makes him sound a lot like one of the villains from Go! Princess PreCure. He turns the audience into Nendo soldiers and makes Wild Azur disappear, with the exception of Aoi.

Chocolat and Macaron attack

The others arrive to help Aoi

Though PreCure show up fairly quickly, Elisio has made them all disappear within a matter of moments. Aoi is left on her own, but she’s not going to give up without a fight. She transforms, but Elisio manages to get the upper hand.


Elisio takes away Gelato’s voice

In order to destroy Gelato’s dream, Elisio traps her in a container and takes her voice. She is powerless to escape at first, and the tears start flowing. However, she reaffirms her resolve, and starts to sing.

Gelato escapes

Aoi escapes thanks to her heart singing on

She may have been voiceless for a while there, but Gelato’s heart sang out regardless. Her song was able to reach the rest of PreCure and the other members of Wild Azur, too. With PreCure returning from wherever it was that Elisio trapped them, they unleash their finishing move and force him to retreat.
After that, Wild Azur are able to perform, and we get to see Aoi’s parents.

Aoi's Parents

Aoi’s parents

Aoi’s parents approve of her choosing to walk the path of music. As the song, and the episode, ends, we see that it seems that Misaki approves of Aoi’s new song as well.

I enjoyed this episode a lot more than the previous one, though being a lover of rock music certainly helped with that.
The songs we heard in this episode were good.
I’m also really starting to think that Elisio is my favourite villain from this season of PreCure. He tends to be the one that forces PreCure to face their insecurities, and as a result makes them grow as a characters.
He also seems to be fairly manipulative, and it woudn’t surprise me if he ends up usurping Noir’s power in order to be the final challenge that PreCure must face this season.
I also really like his current method of fighting PreCure, mostly due to the different outfits he’s been getting.

Next week will be Himari’s turn in the spotlight, which I am looking forward to. After all, she gets some great episodes when she actually gets some attention.

Finally, the official store for the franchise is doing a collaboration with Vocaloid. I thought that was neat, so I figured I would bring it up here.Vocaloid collaborationKiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode does have a connection to Vocaloid, outside of this collaboration, I mean. Miku Hatsune’s voice is modelled from Saki Fujita’s voice. Saki Fujita also happens to be the one who voices Yukari.

Other things of note in the world of PreCure include a website to celebrate the franchise’s 15th anniversary next year, and one for PreCure Super Stars. I’m guessing PreCure Super Stars will be the next crossover film for the franchise.

Finally, we now know that the next season of PreCure will be called Hugtto! PreCure. Well, we’ve known for a while, but we recently got official confirmation of that. The designs of the next generation of PreCure may have been leaked, but once we get them from an official source, I’ll be sure to share them on here.

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