URAHARA Episode 8: Be Creative Together

Things took quite a turn in the previous episode of URAHARA, and that continues to be the case with this episode as well. Let’s take a look and see what happens.Previously, Mari and Kotoko decided things would be much easier for them if they just become Scoopers – so they start devouring all the food from defeated Scoopers. Rito attempted to resolve the situation with a little help from Sayumi, but the shock of seeing Mari and Kotoko put a halt to that.

Rito faces Sayumi

Sayumi appears with a new type of crêpe

Rito drops the sakuramochi Sayumi initially gave her, but then Sayumi herself shows up and offers her something else: a crêpe. Unfortunately, it is made from Scooper leftovers…

Eating crépe

Kotoko and Mari eat the crêpe, whilst Rito remains reluctant

Mari believes she can only gain more followers by becoming a Scooper, and Kotoko is determined to stay with Rito and Mari forever. They eat Sayumi’s crêpe, but Rito refuses to do so. Both Mari and Kotoko try to coax her into it. Sayumi does as well, and Rito is left wondering if it is really Sayumi standing before her.

Giant Sayumi

Sayumi turns giant

No matter how much Mari, Kotoko and Sayumi insist that Rito should just become a Scooper, she continues to refuse. She says that she wants to be creative together with Mari and Kotoko at Park.
With Rito’s stubborn refusal to become a Scooper, the giant Sayumi decides destroying Park is the best course of action.

Rito in Sayumi's way

Sayumi blows Rito out of the air

Sayumi makes her way to Park, but Rito remains determined to protect it. Mari and Kotoko are upset at Rito for fighting Sayumi, but Rito intends to protect Park no matter what.

Sayumi defeated

Rito delivers a decisive attack

Ultimately Rito is able to protect Park, but doing so comes at the cost of the city being destroyed, and seemingly killing someone she thought she could trust… Mari and Kotoko aren’t exactly on her side after that, either.

Rito and Cat

At least the cat is still on Rito’s side… for now, at least

Mari and Kotoko are still determined to become Scoopers, and they currently care very little for Park. It seems that there is nothing Rito can do. Well, at least no one will show up to make things worse-


Right on cue, here’s Ebifurya

Ebifurya pretty much tells Rito that she will just go back to being alone again if she doesn’t become a Scooper. With everything that happens, Rito finally hits her breaking point and decides to join Mari and Kotoko in becoming a Scooper.


Rito insists she will continue drawing no matter what happens to her

Rito eats the Scooper food, and the episode ends just as it takes effect.

Well, that whole situation has gone from bad to worse. Still, these last couple of episodes of URAHARA have actually made me appreciate it more, even if things are looking very dire for our heroines as things stand.
I would like to know whether the giant Sayumi that Rito killed was actually Sayumi or just something else. That isn’t made clear. Ideally it will turn out to be a fake, but I guess I’ll just have to accept it if Sayumi is gone for good. With the way things are currently going, it wouldn’t surprise me if that was genuinely the last we’ll be seeing of Sayumi.

Ebifurya’s plan seems to be coming to fruition, but Misa doesn’t seem to be happy about how things are shaping up. I get the distinct feeling she will be key to resolving this whole situation, though I suspect it won’t be an easy path.

URAHARA really seems to have picked up with these last couple of episodes, and if things continue this way it may even manage to work it way into my top three anime of this current season.

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  1. OG-Man says:

    I too hope that that was an impostor and not our dear Sayumin.

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