KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 40: Bring the Light Back Home

In the previous episode, PreCure had to confront their greatest challenge yet and things were starting to look very bleak.


Let’s just get this out of the way at the start: Pikario has returned

Cure Parfait is pretty excited to see Pikario is back, whereas I just feel indifferent at best. With Grave’s power proving overwhelming, PreCure and Pikario retreat to the place where Bibury and the fairies are at.
With Grave’s dark kira-kiraru filling the town, there’s only one solution: sweets, of course. For some reason, this doesn’t occur to any of PreCure, and it is Pikario who suggests they go and make sweets at the shops in town.


Bibury distracts Grave

Whilst PreCure head into town, Bibury and Pikario stay behind to keep Grave occupied. However, he realises that Bibury and Pikario are only distracting him fairly quickly, and as such sends his minions to go after PreCure.

Whip and her Dad

Cure Whip attempts to protect her cake from her brainwashed dad

With the population of Strawberry Hill under Grave’s control, it is only natural that PreCure end up having to confront the people they know. Ultimately, Grave is able to foil their plan.
Everyone regroups, and Pikario attempts to go after Grave with the power that Lumiere lent to him. That shatters into many pieces, but PreCure don’t intend on giving up just yet.

Crystal Animals

PreCure confront Grave with their Crystal Animals

Grave easily brushes off PreCure’s attack, and blasts them with one of his own. With PreCure down, Grave is free to plunge the world into darkness.
However, there is still hope…


The animals of Strawberry Hill gathered ingredients

The three star cat, accompanied by an assortment of other animals, finds its way to the fairies and presents them with ingredients they had gathered, that haven’t been stained by Grave’s dark kira-kiraru.


Bibury confronts Grave

Bibury has a few choice words for Grave. He threatens to attack her, but Parfait and Whip step forward to protect her. We then learn a little of Grave’s history, and it turns out he was a jerk before being discovered by Noir as well.
Hope seems to be fading for PreCure at this point, but then suddenly there is a wave of kira-kiraru, which eliminates the darkness. The animals and fairies had been making sweets, and the kira-kiraru they produced returns the town and its people to normal.

Grave transformed

Grave transforms

Grave isn’t defeated yet, though. He transforms into a giant monster. Whip is confident that they can still defeat him though. After all, they have the kira-kiraru of everyone on their side.

Sweets Castle

Sweets Castle

With the PreCure Animal-Go-Round failing to harm Grave, PreCure have to come up with something better. It’s time for a new attack, complete with costume changes. I’ll put a slideshow up showing off their fancy new outfits.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

…and here’s another one showing the Cures with their Crystal Animals.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

PreCure Fantastic Animale

PreCure Fantastic Animale

PreCure are able to finally defeat Grave with their newest attack, PreCure Fantastic Animale.
With Grave defeated, Elisio shows up.


Elisio harvests the darkness cultivated by Noir

Elisio reveals that his true power is harvesting the darkness cultivated by Noir, and that his cards were all once servants of darkness. He ominously tells PreCure that the real battle begins now before leaving. The episode ends here.

Before watching this episode, I wasn’t sure whether I was going to enjoy it or not. Turns out I enjoyed it quite a bit. As I said at the beginning, I don’t really care about Pikario’s return. Fortunately, his role in this episode wasn’t anything that distracted from the actual good stuff.
As for the good stuff, well, Grave got to be an effective villain for a while. It was nice to see something pose a legitimate threat to PreCure for once, even if it was only for a couple of episodes.
Of course, it seems very likely that Grave claiming Noir’s power for himself was engineered by Elisio, so I’m fairly interested to see where things will go from here.

I have to talk about the PreCure Fantastic Animale as well. Another new spectacular attack for PreCure, and their new outfits are pretty neat. I’m going to guess that this attack will serve them right up until the end of the series. I quite like it.

With episode 40 finished, that leaves around ten episodes left for this season of PreCure. I don’t know the exact number, but I do know that next episode will focus on Ciel and Pikario.
Hopefully those last few episodes will squeeze in at least one more AkiYuka one, as well as more focus for Himari. It can be another AoiHima episode, or one where she just gets the spotlight to herself, I don’t mind. I’m a little worried that the quieter characters are going to get ignored, especially with Pikario’s return.

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