Dragon Ball Super Episode 116: Everything I’ve Got

In the previous episode of Dragon Ball Super, Goku was pushed to his very limits by the Potara fusion of Caulifla and Kale – Kefla. Goku isn’t one to give up, however, and he surpassed those limits.
The fight ends in this episode, but who emerges victorious? Let’s take a look.

Super Saiyan 2 Kefla

Super Saiyan 2 Kefla

In response to Goku’s Ultra Instinct power-up, Kefla turns Super Saiyan 2. Goku and Kefla are drawing the power out of each other – when one powers up, the other is incited to do the same. Once they’ve finished powering up, Kefla is eager to start fighting once more.

Kefla's attack

Kefla about to attack


Goku effortlessly dodges Kefla’s attack

Kefla is unable to land any attacks on Goku, as he effortlessly dodges every last one of them thanks to Ultra Instinct. Goku manages to land an attack on Kefla, which sends her flying. However, it doesn’t do too much damage. Goku is still getting used to Ultra Instinct, so he has yet to master it.

Goku vs Kefla

Kefla blocks a punch from Goku

The battle continues, and Kefla becomes determined to defeat him. She decides to unleash everything she has, resulting in a barrage of laser-like energy blasts. Her attack showers the entire arena with energy.

Final attack

Kefla launches her most powerful attack

Goku relies on Ultra Instinct to dodge the lasers, all whilst charging up a Kamehameha. Kefla is confident of a victory when Goku jumps into the air, but…


Goku dodges Kefla’s attack and launches a Kamehameha

Kefla’s attack doesn’t find its mark, and Goku seizes the opportunity to blast her with his Kamehameha.


Caulifla and Kale are eliminated

Kefla takes the full force of the Kamehameha, which results in the Potara earring being destroyed, as well as her elimination. Caulifla and Kale go back to being two separate people, and they are left to watch the rest of the Tournament of Power from the stands.

With Caulifla and Kale now eliminated from the Tournament of Power, that pretty much brings my coverage of Dragon Ball Super to a close – for now. Who knows, maybe they’ll have important roles to play in the next arc – if Dragon Ball Super continues on beyond the Universal Survival arc.

Whilst I am disappointed to see my two favourite characters from the entire Dragon Ball franchise eliminated from the Tournament of Power, I am glad to see that they went out with a spectacular fight. For me, I don’t think the inevitable second round between Goku and Jiren will even be able to top this fight.
Caulifla and Kale have been a real highlight in Dragon Ball Super for me – I love their personalities, their relationships and pretty much just everything about them. Hopefully we’ll get to see even more of those two in the future – whether it is playing an important role in future Dragon Ball Super stories, or as playable characters in future video games.

Finally, we end on a sombre note with the recent news of the death of Hiromi Tsuru, the voice of Bulma. Fans of Dragon Ball can be divided over many things from the franchise, but I am sure we are all united in our grief. Her final words in the show as Bulma were wishing the Universe 7 fighters good luck for the Tournament of Power as she waved them off.
Rest in peace, Hiromi Tsuru.

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  1. The Otaku Judge says:

    Rest in peace Hiromi Tsuru 😦

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