KONOHANA KITAN Episode 7: Around and Around

Episode 7 of KONOHANA KITAN features the girls going to a summer festival. I’ve been looking forward to this episode, so now is time to find out whether it lived up to my expectations.


Sakura and Yuzu are very keen to go to the festival

The episode begins with the employees of Konohanatei looking forward to the festival. Kiri chooses to remain behind, whilst Satsuki isn’t too keen on going either. However, she has no choice otherwise Yuzu and Sakura will be left to wander alone.
Yuzu, Satsuki and Sakura are the first group to head off to the festival. Ren and Natsume remain behind, and Kiri dodges the question of her age.


Yuzu starts crying when she thinks that Sakura and Satsuki get themselves lost

At the fair, Sakura runs off. Yuzu chases after her, ending up getting separated from the other two. She thinks Sakura and Satsuki have got lost, but it is Yuzu who is really lost. Satsuki finds her soon enough, though.

Holding hands

Yuzu’s solution to ensure nobody gets lost

With the three together, Yuzu tells Satsuki she wants to get her a present to thank her for before. Satsuki spots something she wants, and tells Yuzu.

Four Ears

Yuzu giggling about Satsuki having four ears was pretty great

The three girls explore the festival, and even considering picking up gifts for Okami and Kiri. Satsuki’s suggestion for what to get them is pretty amusing.
As tends to be the case with festivals, there is the bon dance. Yuzu and Sakura eagerly participate, whilst Satsuki watches from the sidelines.

Bon Dance

Yuzu and Sakura dancing

Before Yuzu and Sakura go to dance, Satsuki talks about how the spirits of the deceased return. Whilst dancing, Yuzu feels as if there might really be people from the afterlife as well.


Okiku’s upset about not being allowed to go to the festival

Back at Konohanatei, Okiku learns about the festival. However, she isn’t allowed to go because it is possible that she might be taken to the other side. Actually, talking of being taken to the other side…

Yuzu and ghost

The ghost girl from the previous episode stops Yuzu from being sent to the other side

Once again, Yuzu almost ends up being taken to the other side. Fortunately, the new friend she made in the last episode is there to guide her back to the place where she is supposed to be.

Ren and Natsume

Ren and Natsume at the festival

The second half of the episode focuses on Ren and Natsume visiting the festival. Ren is all dressed up for it, but it seems that Natsume hasn’t even noticed the effort she has gone to. This isn’t the first time Ren has gone through this – however, Natsume does stop to check up on her.

Taiko drumming

Natsume demonstrates her taiko drumming skills

Natsume decides to try her hand at some taiko drumming, and she soon draws quite a crowd. A couple of girls mistake her for a boy and call her awesome, and Ren just stands there quietly agreeing with them.

Natsume lifts Ren

Natsume lifts Ren

After her drumming session, Natsume returns to Ren and effortlessly lifts her up to check her feet. Sure enough, her sandals have been chafing her, and Natsume remembered how she went home last time due to sore feet.
Fireworks are set off shortly afterwards, and Natsume and Ren enjoy them together in rather sweet fashion.
The fireworks can even be seen from Konohanatei, so everyone there gets to enjoy them as well. Sakura also gets a chance to give Kiri the gift she bought for her earlier.

Kiri and Sakura

The gift may have melted, but that doesn’t stop Kiri and Sakura from sharing it

The episode ends with everyone at Konohanatei going to sleep, thinking back on the events of the festival.

I feel like Ren and Natsume have been stealing the spotlight. Perhaps it is because the relationship between those two is the most blatant out of all the pairs we have. Their relationship is a wonderful thing, to be sure, but I want to see more from the others – particularly Yuzu and Satsuki.
I would love to see an episode focused strictly on Yuzu and Satsuki, where their relationship develops beyond what we currently see.
For now, though, Ren and Natsume are the main source of yuri in KONOHANA KITAN. They make a great pair, but I wouldn’t mind too much if they only have brief appearances in an episode.
I haven’t read the original manga, so I don’t know whether I’ll get my wish or not. Regardless, this was yet another enjoyable episode of KONOHANA KITAN. It’s been a joy to watch, and I’m pretty confident I will still think that even after it has finished.

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1 Response to KONOHANA KITAN Episode 7: Around and Around

  1. OG-Man says:

    Another great episode. hopefully we’ll get more SatsuYuzu and KiriSaku before show’s end.

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