KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 39: 100% Pure Evil

After taking a break last week, KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode returns. The last few episodes before the break weren’t exactly the greatest, but maybe things will pick up now that the show is back. This time around, PreCure find themselves in Grave danger…


Lots of fairies gather for the Strawberry Mountain Grand Assembly of Fairies

With the threat of Noir looming over Strawberry Hill, the fairies have gathered in order to hold a meeting in order to discuss how they can help out. Of course, PreCure are invited as well.

Lumiere Pekorin

Pekorin plays the role of Lumiere

With everybody gathered together, the fairies recount the story of how Lumiere defeated Noir one hundred years ago. Of course, Noir has reappeared once more, and his darkness is something the fairies fear.


PreCure assure the fairies that they will protect them

The fairies don’t have much faith in PreCure, but their fears are soon laid to rest with sweets. PreCure even help the fairies to make sweets, and there is much merriment. Naturally, that doesn’t last long.


Bibury witness the darkness covering the town

Grave rocks up in his Diable-powered car, and he has managed to create an army to help him out as well.

Nendo Soldiers

Grave’s Nendo Soldiers

Grave has enslaved the population of Strawberry Hill, and PreCure only discover that shortly after transforming. Of course, PreCure have no intention of hurting innocent people, but said innocent people don’t feel the same way.
Macaron tries to take the initiative and attack Grave directly, but things don’t work out.


Grave powers up

PreCure respond to Grave’s power-up by immediately using their Animal-Go-Round attack. Unfortunately, Grave renders it entirely useless.

Bibury catches Pekorin

Bibury catches Pekorin after she is sent flying

Pekorin gets sent flying, but Bibury is close enough to catch her. With Nendo Soldiers chasing them, Bibury and Pekorin make their way back to the mountain. They hide inside with the fairies, but it doesn’t take long before the Nendo Soldiers work their way inside.

Bibury's Barrier

Bibury puts up a barrier

Bibury is able to put up a barrier to stop the Nendo Soldiers, but it is only short lived. With PreCure fighting a losing battle against Grave and the citizens of Strawberry Hill turned into Nendo Soldiers, things are looking dire.
It is at this point someone shows up to help out. So, who is it that arrives to play hero?


Oh, it’s Rio…

Rio – or Pikario, or Julio, or whatever you want to call him, I don’t care – awakens from his coma and says that he will take on Grave.

The episode ends there, meaning that Rio’s revival will be stretched out over another episode. We all knew it was going to happen eventually – I’m just glad that it is sooner rather than later. Hopefully this means the finale will strictly focus on PreCure.

Whilst I really don’t care for Rio’s return, I thought this episode was actually quite good. Grave has proven to be an effective villain in this episode, particularly with his enslavement of the people of Strawberry Hill and that new power-up of his.
I will be very disappointed if Rio is the one to defeat Grave in the next episode – hopefully his role will just be to hold him off for a while whilst PreCure regroup.

Next time, PreCure are going to have to come up with something to overcome Grave’s power.

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