URAHARA Episode 6: The Joy of Creation

As the halfway point of the autumn season of anime looms over us, Rito, Mari and Kotoko continue to keep Harajuku safe from the threat of the Scoopers. It is Rito’s turn to get some focus this time around, and she is feeling somewhat melancholic.

Mari offers Rito a mint

Mari offers Rito a mint

The episode starts with Mari and Rito recalling time they spent with their families. Rito recalls going to festivals with her parents, and how she tried to save some pure white candyfloss from one in particular.

Mari and Kotoko

Mari and Kotoko bond over people showing interest in their work

Both Mari and Kotoko have earned themselves quite a following for their work with clothes and sweets respectively. Whilst those two are happy with their popularity, Rito just draws what she feels like. Whilst that may suit Rito, she doesn’t seem thrilled about it.

Discussion of Concerns

Rito stops by Sayumi’s place to discuss her concerns

Rito goes out for a walk, and stops at Sayumi’s shop. She reveals that she isn’t confident with her drawings. Not having fans and followers like Mari and Kotoko has got Rito feeling down. Of course, Sayumi is as supportive as ever. However, their conversation is cut short by the arrival of a Scooper.

Thread Scooper

Their foe is a Scooper made of threads

Once Rito arrives, Mari tries to take the advantage and shoot the Scooper. It has no effect, and it manages to elude them. To make things worse, the Urahara gets dispelled and the Scooper is able to take Rito’s drawing. It leaves after that.

Return to Park

The girls regroup at Park

Back at Park, Ebifurya says that the Urahara shouldn’t revert unless the girls want it to. Rito is also apologetic about letting the Scooper get away, though Mari doesn’t believe she is at fault.

Kotoko and Mari

Kotoko and Mari come up with a plan to defeat the thread Scooper

With Rito still feeling down, Misa decides to try and use beads to create something. Ebifurya seems to doubt her, and her first attempt isn’t exactly too great. However, she does get some help.

Rito helps Misa

Rito helps Misa make a ring with the beads

Ebifurya is surprised that Misa was able to create something. Well, that certainly seems like something is being hinted at there. Thanks to Rito’s help and compliments from Mari and Kotoko, Misa is able to discover the joy in creating things.
Rito tells Misa how receiving compliments can make someone happy, and how meeting with Mari and Kotoko allowed her to enjoy drawing things for other people.
Then the Scooper returns once again, so the girls go out to confront it.

Upgraded Freezing Bomb

Mari holding one of Kotoko’s new and improved freezing bombs

With the new freezing bombs ready, the girls fight the Scooper. However, Mari struggles to find the opportunity to shoot her cannon, and even when Rito provides an opening for her, the Scooper just eats the freezing bombs.


The girls end up captured by the Scooper

The Scooper zaps the bound girls with electricity, and then starts moving towards the wall where Rito’s house drawing still remains. Misa and Ebifurya watch from a distance, and mention how they should be awakening soon. The Scooper targets the drawing, and Rito admits that it is her fault that the Urahara isn’t deploying. She hesitated upon learning the Scoopers wanted her drawing, though she never asked for it to be stolen.

Rito breaks free

Rito breaks free of the Scooper’s threads

It’s not just a drawing that the Scooper is stealing; it is also Rito’s precious memories. She musters up the energy to break free, and Mari and Kotoko follow suit afterwards. Rito charges in, and soon has the Scooper reduced to nothing more than sweets.

Mari, Rito and Kotoko

The girls’ bodies have changed

After defeating the Scooper, Misa approaches them and simply tells them that they are no longer human.

The episode ends on that bombshell. I guess we’re moving ever closer to that first scene we saw way back at the beginning of the series.
I enjoyed this episode, and I’m certainly not complaining about seeing Sayumi again. If she does turn out to be not what she seems, then I’ll be somewhat disappointed. For now, though, she’s a great source of support for Rito and the others and I’m glad that she is a recurring character.
Out of the main trio, I would probably say that Rito is my favourite character. This episode has cemented that even more – her lack of confidence in her own work definitely seems like something that many people could relate to.

Of course, you can’t talk about this episode without mentioning that major development at the end: Rito, Mari and Kotoko are longer human, or that’s at least what Misa says. I’m going to guess that they’ll ultimately overcome it, but as we’ve seen from the episode 1 flash forward, they are not going to have an easy road ahead of them.

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1 Response to URAHARA Episode 6: The Joy of Creation

  1. OG-Man says:

    Like I said last episode. I’m going with the flow. Whoever ends up being a traitor or a figment of the girls’ imagination I’ll roll with it.

    Mari’s still my #1 with Rito at #2.

    Interested in seeing how we’ll get to that point in episode 1.

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