KONOHANA KITAN Episode 6: Bloom Proudly

Eight days too late, KONOHANA KITAN gives us an episode that would have been perfect for Halloween. Doesn’t really matter, though, because KONOHANA KITAN has proven to be an amazing experience so far. Episode 6 is the story of a slightly odd night during Yuzu’s first summer at Konohanatei.

Young Yuzu

Young Yuzu is adorable

Before the opening credits, we get a flashback showing when Bikuni first took in Yuzu. Starting like that is unfair, as I didn’t have time to prepare myself for it.

Ghost Story

Well, how’s that for a sudden change in tone?

After the opening credits, we get a ghost story about a girl who erased herself to become someone that others would like. The session is soon cut short by Okami having a got at the others for staying up late.
Then all the lights in Konohanatei go out, so the girls have to go and relight them as well as check on all of the guests. Yuzu and Satsuki end up going together.

Yuzu and Satsuki

Satsuki isn’t so good with the dark

Satsuki holds Yuzu’s hand whilst they venture through the dark hallways. However, they end up plunged into darkness, and Satsuki falls on top of Yuzu. Yuzu pretty much hugs Satsuki and notes how she is shaking – Satsuki is just a normal girl after all.
Natsume happens upon the pair, and it turns out that she has lost Ren. It is revealed that Ren is with Natsume – which sounds odd, but is correct.

Ren and Natsume

Natsume pushes Ren against a wall

Ren comes so tantalisingly close to actually kissing Ren, but when a guest stops out of a nearby room, she shoves her away. Natsume disappears immediately afterwards…

Okiku's nightmare

I don’t think Urinosuke can help Okiku with this nightmare…

Satsuki and Kiri

Kiri gets close to Satsuki in the dark

Just as it looks like Kiri is going to kiss Satsuki, Satsuki quickly figures out something is wrong and punches her. Turns out it wasn’t Kiri at all, but a ghost.


Who you gonna call? Well, Satsuki called Natsume to help her out

Satsuki lets slip that it isn’t ghosts that scare her, but the darkness. The ghost immediately takes advantage of that, and Satsuki just clings to the person who happens to be nearest to her.

Natsume and Satsuki

Naturally, Ren stumbles upon this sight – she is less than thrilled

Two Kiris

Suddenly there are two Kiris

The real Kiri is revealed when she suggests stripping the other one down to discover the fake. The ghost disappears after that. The gathered group watch Okiku running from Sakura, and then ignore that in favour of wondering where Yuzu has disappeared to.

Satsuki and Yuzu

Satsuki is taking Yuzu to a ‘happy place’

Yuzu is being taken somewhere by Satsuki – except it’s not Satsuki at all, and Yuzu is totally aware of that. It is actually the ghost. We get another flashback to Yuzu’s younger years once more.

Young Yuzu again

More young Yuzu

We see how she was scared of being sent away for being useless, and worked as hard as she could to stay with Bikuni. Years later, Yuzu learns of Konohanatei and she is far more willing to leave Bikuni’s side to go there. Of course, we know she got her wish.
Back to the present, the ghost asks Yuzu if there is anyone she likes.


The people that Yuzu likes

With that, the pair go to a river where the ghost boards a boat to cross it. Upon returning to Konohanatei, Yuzu learns the girl was actually a ghost, and the river she crossed was the Sanzu River.
I’m aware that the Crunchyroll subtitles called it the ‘River Styx’, and whilst it may be similar, that’s not exactly something from Japanese folklore now, is it? Once again, this is where knowledge I’ve gained from Touhou comes in handy.

That’s it for this episode, and that stuff with the younger Yuzu was pretty great. Turns out she has always been incredibly adorable, though that’s probably something many of us would have guessed.
Having characters get scared in the dark certainly provided some rather interesting moments to say the least, though most of them was just the ghost messing around. Hopefully we’ll get scenes like that from future episodes between the actual characters.

Going by the title of the next episode, we’ll be getting a summer festival next time. I have high hopes for that.

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2 Responses to KONOHANA KITAN Episode 6: Bloom Proudly

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  2. OG-Man says:

    This show keeps on giving. The gayness is as strong as ever and the end of that spooky story caught many of us off guard.

    Yuzu’s backstory was a sweet one filled with many emotions. Baby Yuzu was lethally cute but that’s not surprising. Yuzu is a universal treasure and Satsuki is extremely lucky.

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