Thoughts on Magical Girl Site Volume 2

I’ll now be sharing my thoughts on the second volume of Kentaro Sato’s Magical Girl Site. Just like before, this is something that I wouldn’t recommend for people who are easily upset.
The second volume contains six chapters – or ‘Enters’, as they are called – and goes from Enter.7 through to Enter.12.

Magical Girl Site Volume 2

The cover of Magical Girl Site Volume 2, featuring (clockwise from the top): Nijimi, Shioi, Aya and Yatsumura

Why not give it a try?
Become a magical girl.
Shioi, the only person who knows about the Tempest, is in a coma. Aya and Yatsumura begin searching for a magical girl who has a wand with the power to heal her. Looking in her Hunting List, they find a girl who looks familiar, but that girl just happens to be a popular idol…!!

Enter.7, ‘Anazawa Nijimi’, is presented from the perspective of a 25 year old man called Naoto Keisuke. He is a diehard fan of the idol group Puppy Play, in particular their number one idol, Nijimi.
His obsession with Nijimi is unhealthy, even ignoring debts he has accrued. He manages to get tickets to a meet and greet event, but just before his turn to meet Nijimi arrives, Aya and Yatsumura appear. Moments after that, Nijimi has vanished.

Aya asks Nijimi if she is a magical girl in Enter.8, ‘Idol = Magical Girl’, and Nijimi just blatantly admits to it. Nijimi invites them to her place to talk more about the Tempest later on.
At the hospital, Sarina is visited by her sister – who happens to be the person that Shioi stole the identity of before.
At Nijimi’s home, Nijimi reveals what her wand is and its power. When Yatsumura asks her about Shioi, Nijimi says she will kill her the next time they meet.

Nijimi reveals that a friend of hers was killed by Shioi in Enter.9, ‘Poison Apple’. Her personality changes quite a bit as she talks about how she wants revenge, though she soon reverts back to normal.
After that, Aya and Yatsumura visit Shioi at the hospital, and decide it is best to keep Nijimi away from her. Aya suggests stealing Nijimi’s wand, but Yatsumura is vehemently against the idea – which makes sense when you take into account just what Nijimi’s wand is.
Sarina happens to overhear Aya and Yatsumura talking, and then a creepy figure appears and asks if she wants to become a magical girl.

Sarina is discharged from the hospital in Enter.10, ‘The Fifth’. With a wand in her possession, she tries to do some research into the Magical Girl Site and comes across the page counting down to the Tempest.
Sarina is entrusted to steal the other magical girls’ wands – to continue what Shioi started. She also intends to go after Aya and Yatsumura after what happened before.

It’s time for a flashback in Enter.11, ‘Friends’, as Aya tells Yatsumura about how she become the target of cruel bullying at the hands of Sarina and the other girls. She was just a quiet girl who was no good at conversation, but Sarina made her life hell.
Aya blames herself for all that, but Yatsumura doesn’t let that slide. She tells Aya she would like to see her get stronger.
It seems that Yatsumura’s use of her power starts to take a toll, hence her words…

Enter.12, ‘Scum’, is told from Kaname Asagiri’s perspective – or, Aya’s brother. ‘Scum’ is certainly one word that I would attribute to him…
Turns out Kaname has a god complex, and considers everyone else to be scum – particularly his father, who abuses him because he doesn’t achieve perfect exam score.
Kaname has an encounter with Nijimi super-fan Naoto Keisuke. Naoto tries to commit suicide when he discovers that Nijimi will be taking a break from Puppy Play, but Kaname stops him solely so he wouldn’t be suspected of murder.
When Aya goes to school, Yatsumura is absent. Sarina returns, though that is quickly overshadowed by a new transfer student: Nijimi herself.

That brings volume 2 of Magical Girl Site to an end, and I guess we know have a main antagonist set up in the form of Sarina. As much as I despise Sarina for what she has done to Aya, having her be the villain is a development I quite like.
I’m genuinely concerned about Yatsumura at this point – this volume established that she is very quickly running out of time.
Though maybe finding a magical girl with a healing wand will help to abate that, but at this point it is just speculation.
Then we have new addition to the cast, Nijimi. She’s an interesting character. She seems upbeat and cheerful most of the time, but something about her changed when she started talking about Shioi.
Also, with Yatsumura absent from school, Nijimi may be the only one capable of stopping Sarina from carrying out her revenge.

Magical Girl Site is a horror manga, but I don’t feel it has the creeping sense of dread that I would expect of it. There’s plenty of horrific things happening to characters, but I don’t really get a sense of fear. Maybe the upcoming anime adaptation will be able to give a better sense of that. Perhaps that creeping sense of dread will become more apparent in future parts now Sarina has a wand…
That isn’t to say I didn’t enjoy it, though. I am very eager to see what happens next – will Yatsumura be OK? What form will Sarina’s revenge take? Why has Nijimi transferred to Aya’s school?
These are all questions I look forward to having answered when I get around to reading volume three of Magical Girl Site. I also want to see how the story unfolds past that point.

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