URAHARA Episode 5: Fading Colour

The Scoopers return in episode 5 of URAHARA, and this time it isn’t culture that they intend to steal. Harajuku is a vibrant place, but it seems the Scoopers want to change that.


Misa helps out around Park

The episode starts with the girls working in Park, with Misa lending a hand. Misa enjoys helping out, particularly with so many cute things around. Rito shows her some beads, and tells her that they will be making accessories with them. However, that will have to wait as Scoopers show up.


Harajuku turned into a Scooper safari park

A bird Scooper manages to get into Park, and it saps the colour from a few things – including the beads that Rito showed Misa. After that, it escapes with Rito and Mari pursuing it. As they give chase, Kotoko contacts them to tell them that Scoopers have appeared all over Harajuku.

Sayumi's shop in trouble

Kotoko reports that Sayumi’s shop is just one of the places in trouble

The Scoopers are stealing the colour from everywhere, though they aren’t hurting anyone. With Scoopers all over Harajuku, Kotoko and Misa catch up with Rito and Mari. Kotoko tells them how the Scoopers are stealing colour rather than culture. The stuff that the colour is stolen from remains the same, just looking a little more grey. The girls guess that they would be able to restore the colour by beating the Scoopers.

Misa Volunteers

Misa volunteers to help

Though Misa is willing to help to get the colour back, Rito and the others tell her to stay somewhere safe instead. They reassure her that they’ll get the colours back.

10% defeated

The girls after defeating only 10% of the Scoopers

Rito and the others go after the Scoopers, taking out a fair few. However, that only turns out to be 10% of the Scoopers. Kotoko’s radar shows something approaching, and she turns around to see penguin Scoopers.


Kotoko is a bigger fan of the penguin Scoopers than Rito and Mari

The girls take to the sky, where the penguin Scoopers can’t follow them. They figure the Scoopers are attracted to their colourful outfits, and Rito has a plan in mind due to that.

Rito's drawing

Rito attracts the Scoopers with a drawing in the sky

Rito’s plan works, with the Scoopers gathering together and piling up in an attempt to get at Rito’s drawing. Once they’ve all gathered together, Kotoko carries out her part of the plan, and then engages in some playful teasing with Mari.
However, the defeated Scoopers don’t turn into sweets like normal.

Giant Scooper

The defeated Scoopers merge into one giant Scooper

The giant Scooper is able to steal some colour from Rito’s drawing. Regardless, Kotoko co-ordinates an attack against the Scooper, and the battle soon comes to a close. Colour is restored to Harajuku, and Rito and Mari add some more to Rito’s sky drawing so they have something that will cheer them up when they look up.

Misa's present

Misa receives a present

Finally, Rito gives Misa a present: a bracelet made using the beads from earlier.

That is where the episode finishes. Misa seemed to be up to something pretty shady in the previous episode, and I suppose this one is meant to give us the idea that she’s a nice person. I don’t know what Misa (and Ebifurya, I guess) have planned, but I suspect that this episode might eventually lead to her having a change of heart about things – or perhaps she really has been innocent all along, but I don’t think that is the case.

Once again, I find myself comparing URAHARA to KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode. This time, the way the Scoopers steal colour from things is very reminiscent of when the villains from PreCure steal kira-kiraru from sweets. It’s not quite the same thing, but there is a visual similarity with something colourful turning grey.

Still, I enjoyed this episode. Seeing Kotoko actively take part in the fight against the Scoopers was nice – I’m glad to know that she can be actively involved in defeating Scoopers should the situation call for it.
Kotoko teasing Mari was something I found fairly amusing, too. In fact, I feel like Kotoko was the star of this episode, though everyone did have their own specific roles to play.

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1 Response to URAHARA Episode 5: Fading Colour

  1. OG-Man says:

    Not much to say this time around. Mari was wonderful as usual, Rito was cool as usual and Kotoko showed us yet again she was capable of more than analyzing.

    I’ve reached the point of “Whatever happens, happens” with this show so don’t expect me to talk about it as enthusiastically anymore.

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