MCM London Comic Con October 2017 Stuff

As is usually the case when I travel down to London for the Comic Con, I picked up a few goodies for myself and I’ll be sharing what I got here. I’ll also talk a little about my experience there, as it was a good one.Travelling to Comic Con is always fun, as you see more and more people dressed up for the event as you get closer. Particularly memorable for me was when a stormtrooper wearing a kilt got on the Tube whilst I was on the Northern Line. Of course, that was just one of many cosplayer I would see for that day, and I also happened to be one myself.
I was cosplaying as Kaban from Kemono Friends, and I even got stopped by a few people who asked for photos. I didn’t see any other Kemono Friends cosplayers whilst I was there, so that automatically qualifies me as the best Kemono Friends cosplayer – well, at least that I was aware of.

All right, enough blowing my own trumpet. At Comic Con, I got the opportunity to watch the first episode of Kyoto Animation’s Violet Evergarden courtesy of All The Anime – it was a UK premiere. Whilst it seemed interesting enough, I’m not sure whether I’ll be checking out the full series or not. It will be available on Netflix next year.
Right after that was a panel that focused on Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time, the upcoming video game adaptation of Little Witch Academia. Comic Con goers were treated to exclusive footage of the game, including gameplay showing us that Constanze is a whole lot more vocal than she is in the anime.
The game will also provide chances to learn more about background characters who featured in the series.
We were also teased with the possibility of more Little Witch Academia if the game does well. They left it open as to what form it would take; it could be another game, or more anime.

All right, let’s move on to the stuff I picked up whilst I was there. First up, something I got for free as I am a premium member of Crunchyroll.


A Dragon Ball Super poster, Crunchyroll wristband and lanyard featuring Crunchyroll-Hime

At least a couple of people asked the Crunchyroll folks if the posters were for sale – they weren’t. These things were exclusively for Crunchyroll premium members.
Moving on, there are a couple of items that I pretty much have a tradition of picking up. One in particular is something I always visit TokyoToys for.


Got to get a Pocky Addict Pack every time I go to Comic Con

The Pocky Addict Pack contains two boxes of Hello Panda biscuits, one with chocolate flavoured filling and another with matcha green tea. As for the Pocky itself, I have two boxes of choco banana flavour, two matcha green tea, two cookies & cream, two strawberry and three chocolate. I’ll be tucking into these whilst watching anime. As you can see, the pack also comes with a thing that I believe is the Goron’s Ruby from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
The other thing I usually pick up is a deck of playing cards. This time around was no exception.


A selection of Kill la Kill playing cards

All the numbered cards have different pieces of chibi artwork of the Kill la Kill characters, though I haven’t properly checked to see if there are any repeats. The picture cards use the same artwork for all four suits, and both jokers are Senketsu.

I’ll always pick up manga and anime at Comic Con, and that is exactly what I did this time around too. I actually had a fairly sizeable list of manga I wanted to pick up – I couldn’t find any of them. To be fair, most of the stuff on that list doesn’t come out until mid-November.
I did find a few volumes of manga to pick up, though.


Volumes 1 and 2 of Magical Girl Site, and My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness

I’m aware that Magical Girl Site will be getting an anime adaptation next year, so I figured why not pick up the manga? I’ve taken a peek at the first chapter of the first volume, and I can already tell it won’t be for those who are faint of heart.
As for My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness, it is a true story told in manga form. It will certainly make a change from the typical yuri manga I enjoy, particularly with the focus on depression and sexuality. I’m willing to bet it will be an interesting read.

Moving on, I picked up more anime DVDs. I don’t have any way of playing blu-rays at the moment, so I’ll continue sticking with DVDs for the time being. However, considering the way things are going, I should probably switch over at some point…


Dragon Ball Z season seven, One Piece collection nine and One Punch Man

I was tempted to pick up the first collection of Dragon Ball Super as well, but I figured I would complete my Dragon Ball Z collection first – only two more seasons to go after number seven.
The One Punch Man DVDs contain the complete series, plus six OVAs.
I was hoping to pick up Girls und Panzer der Film on DVD from MVM Entertainment, but they said it wouldn’t be available until November due. They did have the blu-ray version, but again, I don’t have any way to play blu-rays at the moment. Guess I’ll just order it online.

We now come to my last couple of items. First up, something that I was just handed when I bought the final item I’ll show you.

It’s a card featuring scenes from the seventh episode of Love Live! Sunshine!!‘s first season. I honestly think it was just handed to me because the stall owner wanted to get rid of it. I figured why not, and it also provides a nice clue as to what the final item I bought was. This item is probably also my favourite purchase of the day.


You Watanabe Nendoroid

This is the first time I have bought a Nendoroid, and once again it is something from the currently airing season of anime – in this case, Love Live! Sunshine!!‘s You Watanabe. Was a bit fiddly to change various pieces, but nowhere as near as fiddly as putting together a Frame Arms Girl.
Here’s a few pictures of You in different poses:img_20171029_1129311.jpgIMG_20171029_114236[1]IMG_20171029_114942[1]

That’s it for my haul from Comic Con. I had a great time whilst I was there. Oh, also, a shout out to the people who recognised my Kaban cosplay – it was only a handful of people, but it feels pretty good to meet fellow Kemono Friends fans, even if it was only for them to take a picture.
All right, with that all done, I can now get back to playing Super Mario Odyssey, Nights of Azure 2 and Fire Emblem Warriors – though not all at the same time.

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  1. The Otaku Judge says:

    That Dragon Ball poster is cool. No wonder people wanted to buy it. Love the chibi Kill la Kill cards.

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