URAHARA Episode 4: Curious Cat

It is Kotoko’s turn to get the spotlight in the fourth episode of URAHARA, and we discover just how much she becomes obsessed with something when her curiosity is piqued.

Kotoko sneaking up on Mari

Kotoko sneaks up on Mari to pluck one of her hairs

Having seen purple spots appearing on Rito and Mari’s bodies and disappear just as quickly, Kotoko becomes determined to try and find out more about them. She plucks a hairs from both Mari and Rito, though she doesn’t explain why.

Scared Mari

Mari watches The Zombie Nurse Strikes Back with Rito

Due to zombies being popular lately, Mari chose to watch The Zombie Nurse Strikes Back to keep up with the trend. However, she’s soon screaming and clinging to Rito because she finds it too scary. They also mention how Kotoko seems to be acting rather oddly, and right on cue she appears.


Kotoko requests Rito and Mari’s blood

Kotoko asks for blood, but still refuses to explain why. All she says is that she doesn’t want to worry the others. At this point, Mari is already worried – Kotoko has become obsessed with her research. Apparently Ebifurya was with her, but all he knows is that she is concerned about the health of Rito and Mari.
Kotoko ends up succumbing to exhaustion and collapsing, breaking a sign that Rito had been designing in the process. With Kotoko sleeping soundly, Mari finds something that Kotoko had been working on.

Frozen Mari

Mari accidentally sets off one of Kotoko’s freezing bombs.

After freezing the place, Rito and Mari decide to go somewhere to take a warm bath. They’re worried that they would wake Kotoko if they use the shower at Park, so they leave her alone for the time being.


Kotoko calls for Rito and Mari

Kotoko wakes up to discover that she is alone, so she sets out in search of Rito and Mari. Just as she worries that they have abandoned her because she has done something terrible, a familiar face shows up.



Kotoko tells Sayumi about how she gets obsessed with something and wants to share with everyone when she makes a discovery. This resulted in Kotoko being isolated at school, and even her parents called her creepy and annoying. However, Kotoko then met Rito and Mari in Harajuku, and they found her to be interesting.
Sayumi then reassures her that her friends haven’t abandoned because of what she has done, and that she should go and talk to them.


Sludge Scooper

After Kotoko’s conversation with Sayumi, a Scooper attacks. Rito and Mari are already fighting it by the time Kotoko catches up to them, but are having no luck. Rito ends up getting injured, so Kotoko takes her place and puts a plan into action. I won’t spoil exactly what happens here, but it involves one of Kotoko’s freezing bombs and a plan that only Kotoko could come up with.

Mari, Kotoko and Rito

Mari, Kotoko and Rito

Back at Park, Kotoko apologises for her odd behaviour earlier and explains about the marks. Misa notes how the three of them are good friends. That night, Misa and Ebifurya seem to be up to something…


Misa is up to something…

I found this episode to be particularly enjoyable, and Kotoko being obsessed with research the way she is reminds me quite a lot of KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode‘s Himari Arisugawa (aka Cure Custard).
It seems that she was on to something too, but we now have pretty strong evidence that Misa and Ebifurya can’t be trusted.

Since people seem to be putting theories forward about this show, here’s one of my own: Sayumi is quite literally a figment of the girls’ imaginations. Ebifurya stated before that the Amatsura pretty much run on the power of imagination, so I don’t think it would be too far-fetched to think of Sayumi as the girls’ imagination given form to encourage them when they’re feeling down. Of course, whether we can trust what Ebifurya says is a completely different matter…
I could totally be wrong – Sayumi could just be one of many people trapped in Harajuku. Or they could all be in the girls’ imaginations… I guess the only choice is to continue watching to find out.

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1 Response to URAHARA Episode 4: Curious Cat

  1. OG-Man says:

    Yes. Kotoko and Himari have similar backstories.

    Misa, the face of evil. That or she’s being manipulated by Ebifuruya. Still, I’d be shocked if the writers didn’t try swerving us by revealing them to not be douchebags.

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