KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 37: Trick or Treat

The girls are celebrating Halloween in episode 37 of KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode, and as such KiraPati and Ciel’s shop are holding a joint event. However, the arrival of a certain someone may lead to Ciel going back to Paris.


I feel like this could be a nod to Maho Girls PreCure!


Ciel working her magic

The Halloween event proves popular, which is mostly thanks to Ciel. Ichika helps Ciel to come up with something new. Whilst a young girl likes, it seems to draw the ire of a certain woman.

Madame Solene

Madame Soléne

Having criticised Ciel’s sweets without even trying them, Madame Solène then takes a look around Ciel’s shop. She’s isn’t exactly filled with praise for it, either.

Angry Bibury

Bibury doesn’t take kindly to Madame Soléne

When Ichika asks who the woman is, Ciel reveals that Madame Soléne owned the shop where she worked whilst in France. The reason she has come to Strawberry Hill? To find Ciel and take her back to Paris.
Madame Soléne wants to know why Ciel has chosen to work in such a small town – obviously, Ciel can’t tell her about being PreCure.
Ichika decides that they should show the appeal of Strawberry Hill.

Karate Ciel

Ciel goes to the Usami dojo to show off some Japanese culture

The attempts to show the appeal of the town don’t go too well. Yukari inquires as to why it has to be Paris. The reason is that Paris will provide a world-class stage for Ciel. We then get a flashback showing us when Madame Soléne first discovered Ciel’s talents.

Soléne and Jean-Pierre

Soléne initially asked Jean-Pierre, but he turned her down

Ciel just happened to be present at that time, and that was when Soléne invited her to come along with her. Ciel accepted.
Sometime after that, Ciel just disappeared from Paris – that was when she arrived in Strawberry Hill. Madame Soléne sought her out because the World Patisserie Contest will be held in Paris. Hearing that has the girls start feeling down, and Ichika even questions why Ciel chose to be with them.

Worried Ichika

Worried Ichika

All of the girls seem to be worried about what Ciel’s future holds, including Ciel herself. Fortunately, Ciel has someone to give her some advice – which is to simply do what she wants.

Tsundere Bibury

Tsundere Bibury

Bibury’s reaction to being thanked by Ciel is pretty great. Anyways, Ciel cheers up and she makes it clear that she doesn’t intend to go to Paris. The other girls arrive to see that Ciel has started to prepare Halloween sweets, but it’s about that time for one of the villains to show up – in this case, Elisio.

Monster of the Week

Monster of the Week

The battle plays out as you’d expect, except this pumpkin monster is able to split apart. Its lower half crashes down on Custard, Gelato, Macaron and Chocolat, which distracts Whip and Parfait.

Whip and Parfait captured

Elisio binds Whip and Parfait whilst their attention is elsewhere

Whip and Parfait fall to the ground, where Elisio stares at them for a while – it cuts back and forth between the two opposing sides. Turns out the other Cures aren’t defeated yet, either.


The Cures lifting a heavy object is a pretty common occurrence throughout the franchise

Gelato deals with the pumpkin, and then the finishing move is deployed as usual. With the monster of the week defeated, Elisio retreats. After that, the girls get back to making sweets.

Hamster Pumpkin Pudding

Hamster pumpkin pudding

Madame Soléne tries the hamster pumpkin pudding, and she loves it. Ciel then tells her that she learned consideration for the people she makes sweets for from Ichika, and that she show Madame Soléne the heights she can fly to as a pâtissière.
Madame Soléne accepts that answer, though she suggests that Ciel should participate in the contest with KiraPati.

Diable's power

We end with a glimpse of what Grave done with Diable’s power

That wraps up episode 37, and it was certainly predictable – but it’s a pretty common thing you’ll see in anime. A character looks like they’ll have to leave, but they don’t in the end. It’s probably happened before in PreCure, and it has certainly happened in other anime.
Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the episode. I particularly enjoyed how it was Bibury who was able to cheer Ciel up after she learned about the contest. I’ve already mentioned this, but I think Bibury’s reaction to Ciel’s gratitude is pretty good.
I also feel like this episode ties in fairly closely with the film – I haven’t seen the film (and won’t be able to for a long while yet), but I do know the story involves the girls going to Paris. We also got a different ending theme from usual, and that too is linked to the film.
Perhaps this episode was just a ploy to try and rake in some more cash at the box office, but I couldn’t say for sure.
Bibury being tsundere and the monster of the week fight were the stand-out parts for me – everything else was all right at best.

Next week looks to be interesting, as the focus will be on Pekorin. She gets to carry out a tradition commonly seen in PreCure.

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1 Response to KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 37: Trick or Treat

  1. OG-Man says:

    Yes. The short but still sweet moment between BibuCiel was the highlight of the episode. That and seeing Madame Solene with her hair loose. HAWT!

    So I guess the movie’s canon since it’s about the girls going to Paris. A nice little distraction where I do hope we’ll get to see our three OTPs share sweet moments together like HibiKana in the Suite! PreCure movie.

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