KONOHANA KITAN Episode 2: Perfect Cherry Blossom

KONOHANA KITAN got off to a great start with its premiere last week. Its second episode is all about Yuzu and Satsuki as they use their time off work to visit the town together.


Satsuki in the hot spring

The episode starts with Kiri forcing Satsuki to take some time off. Satsuki is very reluctant to do so, but ultimately she doesn’t get a choice in the matter.
Satsuki goes to the hot spring, where she is soon joined by Yuzu. Yuzu brings some sake for her to drink – usually she wouldn’t, but Satsuki makes an exception due to not having to work the next day.

Satsuki and Yuzu

Satsuki pulls Yuzu into the hot spring

Turns out Yuzu also has the next day off, so Satsuki decides to invite her to the town. Yuzu is a little unsure whether Satsuki is drunk or not, but she accepts the invitation all the same.
However, before they can go out the next day, Ren stops them.

Maintain composure

Ren maintaining her composure

Ren has a go at Yuzu for wearing the wrong colour obi with her kimono, and takes her to sort that out. Yuzu is just entertained by seeing all of the different expressions that Ren makes.
Ren cares a lot about fashion, and even scolds Satsuki for having a hole in her sock. Also, whilst Ren is adjusting Yuzu’s obi, she mentions how Satsuki wants to become a priestess.
Eventually, Yuzu and Satsuki are able to leave. In town, they look around the shops and grab some food.


Satsuki’s expression here is pretty great

Apparently being with Yuzu throws Satsuki off. It’s not a problem that she was with Kiri, but she can’t bring herself to treat Yuzu the same way.
The girls continue walking, and Satsuki asks where they should go next. When Yuzu suggests the shrine because that is where Satsuki will end up working, Satsuki gets mad.
She takes off, but tells Yuzu to stay put so she doesn’t get lost.


Yuzu encounter this girl whilst waiting for Satsuki

A somewhat clumsy girl passes by whilst Yuzu waits for Satsuki to return. Yuzu goes over to her after she’s fallen, and she reveals that she is looking for her younger sister. Yuzu decides to help her out.

Satsuki and little sister

Coincidentally, Satsuki picks up a follower

So it turns out the little sister has started to follow Satsuki. The two sisters seem to be spirits of some kind, who travel from south to north. I’m sure they are from Japanese folklore, it’s just not sure what exactly.
Satsuki also ends up revealing that she has an older sister to her unwanted companion. Her name was Hiiragi, and she was the one who was originally going to be sent to work at Konohanatei. However, as everyone expected her to become a priestess, Satsuki was sent instead.
Going back to the present, the younger sister spirit offers Satsuki the chance to serve the gods.

Cherry blossom.jpg

The younger sister makes the cherry blossoms bloom

There was a cherry blossom tree at the shrine which hadn’t bloomed in a while – the younger sister decided to make it bloom to prove herself to her older sister. She required Satsuki’s help for that.
To celebrate the cherry blossoms blooming, a party is held. It is there that Yuzu is reunited with Satsuki.

Satsuki and Yuzu in the Cherry Blossoms

Yuzu reunited with Satsuki

Yuzu pulls Satsuki down from a branch of the three. It certainly makes for a great image, but the two girls soon succumb to the pull of gravity. Still, both are reunited. A priestess approaches them.



Ayame insists on having Satsuki and Yuzu sit by the shrine to enjoy the festivities together. Yuzu tells Satsuki about the person looking for her little sister, but Satsuki reassures her that they have been reunited. Satsuki then opens up and tells Yuzu a little about the situation with her sister.


Satsuki’s sister, Hiiragi

After all that, Satsuki and Yuzu start walking back to Konohanatei. On the way, Yuzu starts crying; she never realised how happy it would make her to touch someone else’s heart. She says that she is glad that she started working at Konohanatei and met everyone, especially Satsuki.


Satsuki and Yuzu go back to Konohanatei together

This episode was so good, and I think I feel safe in saying that Satsuki has become my favourite character. That may change as the season goes on, but for the moment it’s Satsuki.
I feel like KONOHANA KITAN and Love Live! Sunshine!! Season 2 will be fighting for top spot as my favourite anime of this season, and probably for some similar reasons.

Back to this episode, and I genuinely got concerned with the younger girl wanting to make the cherry blossoms bloom. I’m just glad that the tree isn’t called Saigyou Ayakashi – and if you have no idea what I’m going on about, look up the story for the 7th official Touhou game, Perfect Cherry Blossom.
But things worked out fine in the end, and the bond between Satsuki and Yuzu grew even deeper. This episode was a real treat, and I’m guessing that will continue to be the case throughout the rest of the season.

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1 Response to KONOHANA KITAN Episode 2: Perfect Cherry Blossom

  1. OG-Man says:

    Yuzu’s cuteness is still lethal. Her date with Satsuki was GLORIOUS!

    The two Sakura Spirits (thanks to a fan for clearing that up) were fun to watch and learn about.

    Looking forward to seeing the other pairings develop alongside our two main cuties.

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