NEW GAME!! Episode 11: Playtesting

Eagle Jump are in the home straight of producing their newest title in NEW GAME!! episode 11. Of course, things aren’t going to go smoothly…

Nene and Tsubame

Tsubame acts very smugly towards Nene

The episode begins with Tsubame having finished implementing the parts she was assigned – Umiko comments on how quickly she got it done. After getting praised by Umiko, Tsubame seems pretty keen to act all high-and-mighty towards Nene.
Nene soon bursts her bubble when she points out a piece of code that she could shorten. After Tsubame’s reaction to that, Nene decides that it is time for a change of scenery.

Momiji, Nene and Ko

Momiji, Nene, and Ko chat in the cafeteria

Nene goes to the cafeteria, where she finds Momiji. The pair are soon joined by Ko, and the conversation turns to Tsubame. It is revealed that her parents are against her becoming a programmer, and wanted her to run the family inn instead.
So it turns out Tsubame has had it quite rough, but learning a little about her background isn’t going to earn her any of my sympathy.
The conversation shifts to Aoba, and Nene reveals how she was directionless until she met Hotaru.

Cafeteria conversation

With both Nene and Aoba working for Eagle Jump, Nene feels a little sorry for Hotaru

Umiko then calls Nene away for an emergency meeting of the programming team. When she’s gone, Momiji asks Ko if she has a mentor – she doesn’t, but Ko does say she tries to learn from everyone. She doesn’t reveal what she has learned from Momiji, though.


Tsubame messed up

The emergency meeting of the programming team was called because the stuff that Tsubame worked on is full of bugs. The reason she finished it so quickly was because she had just assumed that where one thing works, everything else will follow suit. She should have been more thorough.
She’s convinced that her dream has just become unattainable – and whilst she’s pretty upset due to that, it’s not enough for her to earn my sympathy.

Don't give up

Nene tells Tsubame to not give up

Fortunately, Nene is a lot nicer than I am and offers to help Tsubame fix the situation. The schedule is tight, but Umiko is there should they need her. Nene and Tsubame get to work, though Tsubame is left wondering why Nene wants to help her after all the things she has said.
The reason is Nene’s little chat with Momiji earlier on. Nene claims to be a simple girl, and hearing Tsubame’s circumstances made her want to see Tsubame suceed.


Tsubame apologises

…and there’s Tsubame redeeming herself. She apologises for her behaviour towards Nene. After that, they get to work on fixing the issue at hand. After presumably working overnight, the situation is resolved.


Nene and Tsubame receive good news

After all that, Umiko tells Tsubame that they will hire her to work for Eagle Jump. Nene’s contract will also be renewed for three months, so good news all around.


Rin overhears Ko talking to Christina

Ko and Christina have a conversation, which Rin happens to overhear. It seems that Ko intends to leave Eagle Jump…

Umiko and Ko

Umiko and Ko discuss their newest hires

Umiko and Ko end up eating ramen together, and talking about their newest hires. Umiko’s opinions of Tsubame and Nene are amusing. She also tells Ko that she should make more of an effort to talk to Momiji, especially with how much she looks up to her.
Following on from that is a playtesting session, which Ko pretty much drags the entire character team to.
Momiji ends up getting the honour of playtesting the game

Aoba's heart

Ko wonders what is hidden in Aoba’s heart that caused her to come up with bear cannibals

Final Boss

The playtesting shows some gameplay from PECO as well as the final boss

As everyone enjoys themselves during the playtesting, Rin watches on and clutches at the watch she is wearing.

We’ll have to wait until the next episode to see how Rin will handle the situation.

I’m glad to see that Tsubame has redeemed herself. She wasn’t exactly the nicest of the characters when she first appeared, and a lot of that nastiness was aimed at Nene. Nene certainly didn’t deserve it, but Tsubame has apologised in the end. She seems to be getting on with Nene a lot more as well, which is good.
She may have had it rough, and ended up making mistakes because of her eagerness to please, but Umiko is able to recognise her talent despite that.

Then we have the drama surrounding Ko… I don’t know how things will play out, but I want to see it resolved in a way that will allow both Ko and Rin to be happy.

Not long left until the end… I’ll certainly miss the ladies of Eagle Jump once NEW GAME!! has finished.

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1 Response to NEW GAME!! Episode 11: Playtesting

  1. OG-Man says:

    Some peeps are saying it’s best for Ko to leave Eagle Jump because of realism and the cast growing. The former I get. The latter I highly doubt Ko leaving the cast will make much of a difference for the other veterans getting more screen time.

    Glad Tsubame and Nene worked things out. Tsubame being unfairly mean to Nene was getting annoying.

    I’d love to play PECO and even Fairies Story 3 if they were ever made real.

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