Symphogear AXZ Episode 11: Conceptual Weapon

Hibiki has to confront a powerful foe in episode 11 of Symphogear AXZ. Fortunately, she’s not alone for that battle.

Hibiki and Saint-Germain

Hibiki protects Saint-Germain

So Hibiki and Saint-Germain have put their differences aside in order to fight against Adam and Tiki. When Hibiki protects Saint-Germain, Saint-Germain wants to know why. The reason is simple: Hibiki is reckless.
Saint-Germain tells Hibiki to target Tiki before she can gather the divine energy, but Adam has no intention of letting that happen. Whilst he is occupied with Hibiki, Saint-Germain manages to land a blow.

Puppet Adam

Adam is revealed to be not human – he is just a puppet

Adam doesn’t react too well to being called a puppet, and Tiki gets upset about Adam being injured. She causes the divine power to manifest.

Divine power

The divine power manifested

Adam has Tiki unleash her new destructive power, which levels the area. He also alludes to the people who created him – foreshadowing for the next season, perhaps? Apparently he was too perfect, so he was discarded.
Tiki attempts to unleash her power again, but Hibiki doesn’t intend to let her.


Hibiki attacks

Tiki’s attack ends up getting diverted into space, where it ends up destroying a satellite. S.O.N.G. HQ loses contact, though they do receive a call from the head of the Kazanari family. He effectively says that he will be joining the battle.


Saint-Germain attacks

S.O.N.G. HQ are able to re-establish visuals, and they discover that Tiki has the same power as Yohualtepoztli – the big snake monster seen earlier on in the season. Any damage to it is cancelled out.
With things looking hopeless, someone suddenly gets into contact with S.O.N.G. HQ. They have decrypted documents from Val Verde, and they reveal that Gungnir is the key to defeating divine power.
When that information is revealed, we get Genjuro’s usual ‘Gungnir datto?!’ reaction.
It’s also probably worth mentioning that Kirika is fine after singing her swan song in the last episode – which really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. I’m glad to see her doing well, though probably not as much as Shirabe.

Saint-Germain vs Adam

Adam rips his own arm off to fight against Saint-Germain

Whilst Saint-Germain keeps Adam busy, Hibiki makes a beeline straight for Tiki. Damage caused by Gungnir can’t be cancelled out.

God slayer

Adam refers to Hibiki as ‘god slayer’

With Tiki broken, she is useless to Adam. He just kicks her aside, and attempts to contain the divine power in his own severed arm. However, the divine power has a will of its own, and chooses Hibiki to host it.

Divine Hibiki

It seems that Hibiki has an immaculate soul

According to Saint-Germain, it should be impossible for a human born with the original sin to harbour divine power. However, Hibiki has a knack for doing the impossible…


This is what happens to Hibiki after she hosts the divine power

We’ll have to wait until next time to see what effect hosting the divine power will have on Hibiki, as this is where the episode ends.

Yet another amazing episode. Hibiki and Saint-Germain fighting against Adam was a real joy to watch – in fact, it may just be one of my favourite fights from this season so far. As much as I don’t like Adam, he does earn some bonus points for using his own arm to fight against Saint-Germain’s sword.
So it seems that another character voiced by Aoi Yuuki could potentially go on to become a divine being… whether that is good or bad remains to be seen.

Adam talking about his creators feels like foreshadowing for the next season, as I have already mentioned. Of course, I could be completely wrong – Symphogear isn’t exactly predictable.

Only two episodes left to go… on the plus side, we know that there will be a fifth season.

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1 Response to Symphogear AXZ Episode 11: Conceptual Weapon

  1. OG-Man says:

    Did I mention how much I love this series? Because if I haven’t. I. LOVE. THIS. SERIES!

    This was indeed a slobberknocker of a fight.

    I did NOT see that twist. That along with him using his broken arm as a club gave Adam SOME brownie points. Tiki still sucks but maybe there’s hope for her. We’ll see.

    I have no idea what’s going to happen next but I’m super excited to find out.

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