Thoughts on the September 2017 Nintendo Direct

As you can see from the title, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the Nintendo Direct that aired on 13/09/2017. So, let’s take a look at what got my attention.
Also, here’s the YouTube video for the Direct:

It’s coming up midnight as I write this, so I will just focus on the highlights. They’ve retained the headlines we’ve seen previously, though it seems that they went to a bit of extra effort to avoid spoiling things this time around – I really like that format.
Four games also got spotlight features – Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon (technically 2 games, but let’s just count them as one for this), Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Project Octopath Traveler and of course, Super Mario Odyssey.

We finally have a release date for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – December 1st. I am going to buy it – and that special edition is really tempting…
That game just looks incredible, and it is easily my most anticipated game of this year.

We did get some Fire Emblem Warriors news, and it was the reveal of a new character. It wasn’t a Manakete like I was hoping (I’m almost certain one will be revealed though), but it was a character that I love very much – Lyn, from the GBA’s Fire Emblem – the 7th entry in the franchise.
It pleases me a lot to see at least one character not from Shadow Dragon, Awakening or Fates, even if it is another sword user added to the mix… Still, Lyn is easily one of my top Fire Emblem characters.

The reveal that both Doom and Wolfenstein are coming to the Switch was a nice surprise – gotta love that 3rd party support.

The new Kirby switch game is looking great, and I’m eager to get my hands on it when it launches. Befriending enemies and combining abilities looks like a pretty fun mechanic, with a whole load of potential.

Project Octopath Traveler also looks good. I do love me a good old JRPG every now and then, and I certainly welcome more of them on the Nintendo Switch.

We also got news of updates for both ARMS and Splatoon – both are happening fairly soon, so naturally I’ll be playing both of them when I have some spare time.

Super Mario Odyssey is looking as good as ever. I have no doubt that it will turn out to be a real treat.

There was plenty on offer from this Direct, and I really liked the format. I don’t know what the general consensus on it is from the world in general, but I would consider this a good Nintendo Direct.
It was never going to meet everyone’s expectations, but the stuff I saw has got my excited for the future of Nintendo’s consoles.

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1 Response to Thoughts on the September 2017 Nintendo Direct

  1. tcondon1 says:

    From what I’ve seen most people didn’t like the direct but personally, I don’t keep up with Nintendo news that much so the directs are always a blast for me.
    I can’t wait for the new Kirby game! I really want to play it with my friends and see how bad/good we can do as a team. I’m also excited for a new Mario Party, even if it is just a compilation of the best of the previous series.
    And while Project Octopath Traveler looks really cool, and I’ll probably pick it up, I’m not a fan of the name. I know it’s just a working title but I hope they change it. It just sounds clunky to me.

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