NEW GAME!! Episode 10: Red Light, Green Light

The girls of Eagle Jump return once more, and the game they are developing continues to move ever closer to completion. Let’s see what awaits us in episode 10 of NEW GAME!!

Yun, Tsubame and Hajime

Hajime asks the others for feedback on Tsubame’s minigame

We begin with the minigame that Tsubame has put together for Peco – red light, green light. Though she made it to the specs, there are aspects that the others aren’t happy with. The specs are changed afterwards, and Tsubame presents her updated minigame.


Momiji picks out flaws in Tsubame’s minigame, which leads to this

More changes to the spec are made. Hajime informs Umiko about them via e-mail, and Umiko pays a visit to Tsubame.


Of course Umiko is as eager as ever to talk about her hobby

Eventually Tsubame is able to put together a minigame that gets Shizuku’s approval. Shizuku then suggests implementing different versions for the different forms that Peco can take.

Tsubame and Nene

Nene decides to work extra hard on her maze game

After mostly completing her maze game, Nene decides to wonder around for a bit. However, it turns out that everyone else is busy so she soon returns to her desk. After seeing that everyone else has their own challenges to overcome, Nene is pretty excited to get back to work on her own project.

Umiko and Nene

Umiko checks on Nene

Umiko checks on Nene’s progress, and tells her that the maze game she has created has netted her a pass – well, at least on easy mode. Hard mode just crashes the game…
Umiko also tells Nene to work on it on her own time, as she will spend the remainder of her contract with Eagle Jump doing more debugging.

Yun and Hajime

Hajime makes an offering so she can enjoy Yun’s seafood hot pot

The end of the day arrives, and most of the staff of Eagle Jump head home for the night. However, Ko and Rin remain behind.


Ko gives Rin a present

With the two of them alone, Ko gives Rin a present to thank her for all the help. It’s a watch, as Rin has been spending a lot of time away from the office. Naturally, Rin is grateful for the gift, though she seems to think that there is something bothering Ko. Ko just brushes it off.
Rin also mentions how Ko has changed recently, though she soon discovers that isn’t true for every aspect of her…

That’s it for this episode. What do you know, NEW GAME!! is more fun when someone isn’t having a go at someone else (looking at you, Tsubame).
The scene with Ko and Rin at the end is the highlight of this episode. I’m sure many people were hoping that Ko’s gift was something more than a watch, but it is what it is. We might get some more Ko drama before the end of the season, but I can’t say for sure.

Not really much else to say. This was yet another enjoyable episode of NEW GAME!!, and I look forward to the next one.

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2 Responses to NEW GAME!! Episode 10: Red Light, Green Light

  1. OG-Man says:

    Been a while since we got a RinKo moment but we did and it was nice. I hope Rin also helps ease Ko’s worries should there be an impending drama, instead of the predictable “Aoba saves the day”. I know she’s the main character but come on, give Rin the spotlight. She’s hardly had any this season.

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