KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 31: Smile of Victory

KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode‘s 31st episode is Ichika’s turn in the spotlight, and one that sees her mother return home. Most of the recent character-focused episodes have been pretty good – can Ichika’s continue that trend? Well, let’s take a look.

Ichika's Mum

Ichika’s mum appears out of the blue

The episode begins with Ichika’s mum rushing straight to KiraPati, and completely catching Ichika off guard.
Ichika spends a fairly large part of this episode blinking back tears. The reunion may be a happy one, but it will also be short – Ichika’s mum is due to leave the next day at noon.

Usami family

Ichika just wants to spend a normal day with her parents

At the urging of the other girls, Ichika spends the day with her mum and dad. When Ichika’s mum mentions making a cake, Ichika is reminded of her desire to bake one for her mother – you know, we saw that right back at the beginning of the season.


The mother wants to be at her daughter’s side

The Usami family eats dinner together, but cake baking is put off until the next day due to Ichika looking tired.


Ichika’s attempt at baking a cake don’t go well

The next morning, Ichika tries to bake a cake. However, things don’t go quite the way she would like. Pekorin and Kirarin join her, and deduce the problem is that the kira-kiraru isn’t staying in the cake. The reason for this is Ichika’s feelings.
Ichika tells her parents that she can’t get the cake to come out like she wants. Her dad leaves the room, giving Ichika a chance to let out all her feelings.

Mum and daughter

Ichika and her mum have a good cry

Ichika had been bottling her true feelings up ever since her mum started travelling overseas. Though she had been putting on a brave face up until this point, she finally lets all her feelings come spilling out. The music in this scene makes it even better, too.
After that, Ichika is able to properly bake a cake.


Ichika hands the cake to her mum before departing to carry out her duty as PreCure

Ichika intends to see her mum off, but the sudden appearance of Grave gets her attention. Ichika feels that she understands her mum a bit better thanks to KiraPati, and there are also things that only she can do.
Ichika rushes off to confront Grave, naturally transforming into Cure Whip in the process.

Monster of the Week

The monster of the week

Whilst Whip and the other Cures fight the monster of the week, Ichika’s parents open up the cake she made for them at the airport.


Ichika’s cake for her mum

Smile of victory

Cure Whip’s smile of victory

The battle proceeds in the usual way, with Whip’s crystal transforming in the process. PreCure watch as a plane flies by.
There is one last scene:


Noir gives Bibury the power to wager everything that she is and destroy PreCure once and for all

That wraps up episode 31, and I reckon it was one of the better character-focused episodes we have got recently. Yukari’s episode was my favourite, but this one managed to secure second place.
Before this episode, Ichika was probably the main character I cared least about within the cast. She certainly does have some funny moments every now and then, but I felt like that was all that was going for her.
However, this episode has really helped to warm me up to her even more – I feel pretty positive about all of the main cast now.

I really liked the soundtrack for this episode – the insert song was all right, but the track from the scene where Ichika let her feelings out was pretty much perfect. I quite liked the song that played during Ichika’s mum’s arrival, too.
This was a pretty great way to cap off the character-focused episodes in which the character’s crystals transform.
As for what the crystals will do… well, we’ll just have to wait until the next episode to find that out.

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1 Response to KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 31: Smile of Victory

  1. OG-Man says:

    Ichika’s my #3 fav but after this episode she took the #2 spot from Akira. Oh the feels during THAT scene.

    I REALLY HOPE Bibury won’t end up in a coma after the Cures inevitably beat her.

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