A Centaur’s Life Episode 10: Contemporary Art

After last week, A Centaur’s Life gives us a relatively light-hearted episode this time around. Without any thing else to add here, let’s take a look at A Centaur’s Life 10th episode.

Keeping an eye on Suu

Hime, Nozomi and Kyoko spy on Suu’s date

The episode begins with Hime meeting Nozomi and Kyoko at a café, where they intend to spy on Suu. Suu is going on a date with a lad called Nakafumi.

Nakafumi and Suu

Nakafumi meets with Suu

It turns out that Hime, Nozomi and Kyoko aren’t the only ones keeping an eye on Suu during her date.


Public Security, military police, the Cabinet Research Office, CIA and FSB are all tailing Suu

Back to the date, and Suu and Nakafumi go to a contemporary art museum.


Much like these two, I don’t get contemporary art

Nakafumi actually brings up some interesting stuff about how art has developed throughout history, and what contemporary art means to various people.
Skipping ahead a bit, Hime and the other continue to tail Suu when Hime bumps into a familiar face.

Komaki and Mitama

We’ll see more from these two later on

I’ll focus on those two for the second half of the episode, for the moment lets keep our attention focused on Suu’s date.

Love Hotels

Suu and Nakafumi seem to be going towards love hotels…

There is much scrambling by the authorities to prevent Suu from going into a love hotel, but it turns out they were panicking over nothing. It just happens that a used book store is located nearby.

Nozomi, Hime and Kyoko

Kyoko seems disappointed that they didn’t go to the hotel…

After that, the girls ask Suu how her date was. She seemed to enjoy it – oh, and she was aware that Hime was following her.
All right, now for the second half of the episode which starts with a reveal.

A girl

I didn’t realise at first – but yep, Manami goes on a date Omaki, who is a girl


The ‘Chisters’ are less than pleased that Manami is going out

So it turns out that Manami and Omaki linked arms whilst on the way to the contemporary art museum so some guy wouldn’t try hitting on Manami. As for why they continued to have their arms linked until bumping into Hime… let’s leave that up to your imagination.


The Chisters have been switching out whilst their dad paints them


Sue calls for her sister as soon as she wakes up

Back to Manami and Omaki, and the latter has picked up some souvenirs for the Chisters.

Manami and Omaki

Manami and Omaki discuss Manami’s dad

Once again, another interesting conversation involving art – though Manami’s dad is the focus of this one. Manami may get worked up a little as seen above, put it is an overall positive conversation.
She seems to be more supportive of her father than earlier on in the season thanks to Omaki’s words.

I quite enjoyed this episode. Whilst the history of art stuff was rather interesting, I preferred the second half that focused on Manami and her date.
She’s definitely redeemed herself a bit in my eyes after her outburst at her father the other week, and the reveal of Omaki’s gender certainly came as a pleasant surprise.
Hime trying to stealthily follow Suu was pretty funny as well – there was no way she was ever going to blend in. The government agents sure managed to do it a lot better, though…
Talking of funny moments, having the three Chisters switch out whilst their dad painted them was rather amusing too.

Overall a pretty good episode.

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  1. OG-Man says:

    Hopefully before show’s end we’ll have what we need to ship this pairing.

    President Angel had redeemed herself. Huzzah!

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