NEW GAME!! Episode 9: Comfort Zone

NEW GAME!!‘s ninth episode kicks off with a Hajime and Yun segment, before switching to let us learn a little more about Momiji and Tsubame.

Insect Five

Insect Five

Proceedings kick off with an Insect Five hero show. Of course, Hajime is in attendance, and she is joined by Yun and her younger siblings. After the show, Hajime is eager to go and shake the hands of the Insect Five.


An old school friend of Hajime’s, Akki

Turns out when Hajime went to school, she hid her otaku side from her friends. Akki happened to be one of them, so Hajime ends up not going to shake the hands of the Insect Five. Yun takes her younger siblings to go and shake their hands instead, whilst Hajime continues to hide her true nature from Akki.

Hajime at school

Hajime with her school friends

After that, Hajime and Yun talk to each other about their pasts. Hajime pretty much just copied her friends back then, though she was unable to show off her otaku merch. Yun shares a photo from her school days as well, after spending a fair amount of time making Hajime promise not to laugh.

Yun Graduation

Yun during her graduation

It seems that Yun was something of an introvert when she went to school, and she felt envious towards people like Hajime. That’s the reason she puts so much care into her wardrobe now.
After that talk, Hajime feels confident to reveal her true nature to Akki. Turns out Hajime was worried about nothing in the end…

Yun in glasses

Yun may have got rid of her old glasses, but she keeps on her

Hajime in glasses

Hajime tries in Yun’s glasses

Hajime and Yun have the exact same reaction to seeing each other wearing glasses. We get a bit more reminiscing after that, as Hajime reveals that she had long hair before coming to Tokyo.

Long hair Hajime

Hajime with long hair

After all that, Hajime and Yun walk into work with a slightly different look going on.


Aoba reacts the same way as these two did

Moving onto the second half of the episode, we get a conversation between Nene and Tsubame that reveals a bit more about the latter. She decided to get into programming because she wanted to make games alongside Momiji. Upon hearing how Nene got interested in programming, Tsubame gets rather irritated.

WTH, Tsubame

What the heck, Tsubame?

Umiko is able to pick up that something is up, but Nene is aware that what Tsubame says is true. However, Nene is determined to prove her worth.

Thumbs up

I’m sure Nene can do it

After that, we see Hifumi giving Momiji an assignment. Following on from that, we get to see a peek into the home life of Momiji and Tsubame, and it turns out that Momiji is very relaxed.

Momiji and Tsubame

Tsubame seems to be something of a caretaker for Momiji…

After getting Momiji dressed, Tsubame finishes making dinner for them – twice-cooked pork, without the pork. Or vegetable stir-fry, if you prefer. It seems that Momiji’s appetite means they either have to eat a lot without meat, or a little with meat.
After dinner, Tsubame goes for a bath whilst Momiji dozes off instead of washing the dishes. However, Momiji’s nap is soon cut short.

freaking out.jpg

A bug freaks out these two

Tsubame ends up trapping it, but they have no insecticide. Momiji rushes out to get some, leaving Tsubame in nothing but a towel.
Turns out there’s consequences for that, as Tsubame catches a cold. Turns out that Momiji is pretty bad at getting ready without Tsubame’s help…

Well, what do you know? Yet another enjoyable episode. That first part with Hajime and Yun was really good – I loved seeing those two just talking with each other. They are a pretty good match for each other, of that I have no doubt.
Tsubame’s words to Nene were pretty harsh, but I’m glad Nene used that as a catalyst to do her best rather than letting it get her down.
Then we got some fanservice in the final part. It’s been pretty interesting seeing what Momiji and Tsubame’s home life is like, and just how much Momiji relies on Tsubame.

I’d have to say that the first part of this episode was my favourite. It was all quite good, but that stood out most for me.

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1 Response to NEW GAME!! Episode 9: Comfort Zone

  1. OG-Man says:

    It was nice seeing Yun and Hajime on a pseudo-date and learning more about each other.

    Nenecchi FIGHTO! Show your waifu you deserve that praise!

    Tsubame seems to be in the same boat as Hifumi, Yun and Rin.

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