A Centaur’s Life Episode 9: A Good Guy

I don’t have a whole lot to say in this introductory paragraph, over then that episode 9 of A Centaur’s Life gets heavy.


Hime and her friends only have only minor roles to play in this episode

We start off innocently enough with Hime discussing a member of the amphibianfolk race known as Jean Rousseau. He’s a pretty important person, and he’s going to give a speech at the school.

No glove

Jean Rouseeau takes his glove off to shake hands

Remember the old angel – we’ll be seeing more from him later on. We see Jean Rousseau tend to various business, before taking a plane to meet with his native people.

Amphibianfolk meeting

A meeting of amphibianfolk

Jean insists that the amphibianfolk should strive to get on with the mammalians, but the others don’t really seem to see it that way. They end up on the subject of gods, and the difference in beliefs between mammalians and amphibianfolk.


The second half is where things get really heavy

So much like our own world, the world of A Centaur’s Life has had its own share of dark chapters – and we bare witness to one of them in episode 9’s second half. People are executed in the street, with those who aren’t killed taken to POW camps.
Food is distributed according to body type, which means the centaurs get more food than any others – naturally, this creates a lot of tension amongst the prisoners.

Angel and Centaur.jpg

A centaur gives his leftovers to a young angel – because the angel is one of the ‘good guys’

Later on, a liberation army arrives and frees the prisoners from the camp. However, the centaur who helped the angel… well, his fate was a cruel one.
This sequence was the old angel’s dream – the one who shook Jean Rousseau’s hand earlier.

That’s it for this episode. That was certainly an experience, that much I can say.
We get some dark and heavy stuff here – A Centaur’s Life isn’t exactly a stranger to that, but I feel it had mostly been implied up to this point.
Nevertheless, this episode is interesting. As I already mentioned, we explore a dark chapter of the history of A Centaur’s Life. Things were bleak, but there were some rays of hope.
I’m sure the whole thing is meant to draw parallels to certain events from the real world’s history, and it does that quite well.

I’m glad that I don’t think of A Centaur’s Life as a warm and fluffy slice of life series, because this episode would have no doubt thrown me for a loop if I did. Still, even being aware of the darkness within the series, this was still a rather surprising episode.

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2 Responses to A Centaur’s Life Episode 9: A Good Guy

  1. OG-Man says:

    This was a very important episode to explain to people who stuck around what kind of show this is. It’s not a Girls club, Slice of Life or iyashikei. It’s a world-building show with lots of social commentary.

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