New Fire Emblem Warriors Playable Character Revealed

As you can see from the title, yet another playable character has been revealed for Fire Emblem Warriors. Since I’m talking about Fire Emblem, I figured I would also share a rather neat little video that has been released for Fire Emblem Heroes.

I’ll start with a live-action trailer for Fire Emblem Heroes.

This trailer looks amazing, and it provides some pretty convincing evidence that it would be possible to pull off a live-action adaptation of Fire Emblem.

With that quick aside done, let’s see who the new addition to the roster of Fire Emblem Warriors is.

From Fire Emblem Fates, it is the youngest of the Nohrian siblings, Elise. Her default base class in Fates is Troubadour – a class that provides support by healing allies. It appears that Elise’s class in Fire Emblem Warriors will be Strategist, as you can see her using both magic and staves in the video above.


Fire Emblem Fates artwork of Elise

With this announcement, Sakura is the only Fates royal who is not yet confirmed for Fire Emblem Warriors. However, it has been hinted that she will appear, and I really don’t think they’ll leave her out after having all of the others.
We should also get the reveal of some characters from Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon soon as well. The young version of Tiki appears in that game, so I’m still holding out hope for a playable Manakete.
I’ve said it before, but with Tiki getting an amiibo, it seems very likely she will be playable in Fire Emblem Warriors.

Here’s a quick recap of the currently known playable characters:

  • Fire Emblem Warriors will feature a pair of original characters, who are brother and sister: Rowan and Lianna. Interestingly enough, their Japanese voice actors (Yuma Ichida and Maaya Uchida respectively) are also brother and sister.
  • From Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, we have Marth.
  • From Fire Emblem Awakening: Chrom, Lissa, Frederick, Robin (male and female – the female version won’t appear in story mode), Lucina and Cordelia.
  • From Fire Emblem Fates: Corrin (female), Ryoma, Takumi, Hinoka, Xander, Camilla and Leo.

Fire Emblem Warriors will be available for both Nintendo Switch and New Nintendo 3DS consoles. It will be released in Japan on 28/09/17, so I imagine it won’t be too long before we know the full roster of characters.
Outside of Japan, Fire Emblem Warriors will be released on 20/10/17.

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1 Response to New Fire Emblem Warriors Playable Character Revealed

  1. The Otaku Judge says:

    Fans of little sister characters should be pleased with this announcement. The lightning spells look devastating. No army can withstand a heart spell.

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